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10 June 2022

3 Ways To Find The Perfect SAP Business One Partner

Maximise The Investment In Your ERP With SEIDOR

Not all SAP Business One partners are the same. If you feel like you're not maximising the potential of your solution, or you'd like a fresh approach to how your system is managed, here are our top three ways to help you find the perfect SAP Business One support partner.

1. Long Term Growth & Value

You'll want to ensure you're always maximising your investment in SAP Business One. If you've already achieved a return on investment from your solution, that's a fantastic start. But there are still important ways to enjoy long-term value from your support partner.

Your SAP Business One partner should be just that: a partner. Always aim to work with a partner who can advise on new features or functionality that will help streamline operations. It may be time for a change if you feel more like a sales target than a valued customer. Look for somebody who can create a roadmap for your solution and support your system's entire ecosystem.

It's important that your support team is certified in the latest version of SAP Business One and a range of popular add-ons, such as Boyum and BPA.

2. Reassuring Support

Even minor issues in your system can significantly impact you, so access to a knowledgeable and efficient support team is essential if you want to minimise disruption. You shouldn't be frustrated at support calls being logged and never resolved or charged whenever you pick up the phone to discuss an issue.

A boutique-style approach to support can deliver a more agile response, helping solve problems faster by providing access to the right people the first time. What's the point in paying for a support contract if your provider can't resolve the issue in-house and has to constantly "escalate" the enquiry? If your partner isn't solving 90%+ of the support tickets in-house, it could be a warning sign.

Every support partner will have an SLA in place, but the performance against the SLA is an excellent way to assess how well your needs are being met. Speed of response is just one key performance indicator. How often is your enquiry solved during the first contact? How often does this extend to three or more engagements? Experience is critical when it comes to minimising downtime, so it's essential you get to speak to someone who knows their onions from the start. Bloated support departments with inexperienced call handlers add both cost and friction to the process.

3. Efficient Delivery

One of the most significant issues existing end-users have is the time they have to wait for new projects to be delivered. There's nothing worse than enquiring about an exciting new feature or innovation and then having to wait months to get your hands on it. It's also vital that your partner is honest about setting expectations, not just in terms of project timelines and budgets but also regarding expected outcomes.

At SEIDOR, we believe SAP B1 support is more than just answering the phone between 9 and 5 on a weekday. We are committed to the long-term success of UK customers who have invested in SAP B1. We aspire to be more than just a service provider; we aim to be a trusted advisor.

Want to learn more about how SEIDOR can help you deploy or maximise your investment in SAP Business One? Download our ebook today to find out more about our award-winning services and support, or give one of our team a call on 01932 212 777.

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