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7 Best ERP Systems Use Cases

04 April 2022

7 Best ERP Systems Use Cases

Discover The Benefits Of ERP From A Variety Of Industries

For more than three decades, SEIDOR has been helping growing companies to overcome their growth challenges with our innovative ERP solutions. Our team now works across 5 continents to help empower organisations across various industries to super-charge operations, streamline critical business functions and boost profits. Here are seven of our best ERP use cases from around the globe.

ERP for Professional Services

Company: E-Money

Industry: Professional Services

Solutions: SAP Business One

E-Money is one of Chile’s leading IT security and cloud services providers. The company works with leading international cloud service providers to provide network security and infrastructure to companies across the country.


Like many growing companies, E-Money used a series of independent solutions to try and manage operations and day-to-day management. These systems resulted in a considerable amount of administration, data entry and maintenance costs. After experiencing a period of rapid growth, E-Money realised it could no longer continue with this approach.


By integrating different departments within a single system, the company has improved levels of efficiency and productivity. Key stakeholders can now access accurate data, which has provided the ability to make more strategic decisions. IT costs, and overheads have been reduced after swapping several applications for SAP Business One. More importantly, E-Money now has a solid foundation for the following crucial phrase of the company’s growth plans.

Customer Comments

“E-Money is going through an important growth phase, so I am very optimistic that SAP Business One is going to help us grow well into the future.”

Claudio Retamal, General Manager.

ERP for Professional Services - E-Money - SAP Business One

ERP for Manufacturing

Company: Microtronix Manufacturing

Industry: High Tech and Electronics

Solutions: SAP Business One

Microtronix Manufacturing is a leader in South African electronic contract manufacturing. Founded in 1993, the company has grown to one of the country’s largest turnkey contract manufacturers producing items for smart card readers, cashless gaming and the casino and vending industries. 


When Microtronix approached SEIDOR to deploy a new software solution, it faced disparate solutions and inventory management issues, costing the business money. The company wanted an integrated system to bring operations closer together and powerfully manage more than 1,000 components in its warehouse.

Microtronix worked with SAP Business One for just two months before it started to see results. Core processes are now standardised by using a unified system, increasing productivity across the company. Role-based approvals and alerts help managers to control operations. Key stakeholders also have a single source of the truth, with essential reports generated quickly. Staff have also been liberated from manual data entry on different spreadsheets to perform more value-added tasks.

Customer Comments

“Although we’ve only been using SAP Business One for a couple of months, we can see the advantages in the stock control and the management of our components, which is saving us money.”

Mike Goodyer, CEO.

ERP for Manufacturing - Microtronix Manufacturing - SAP Business One

ERP for Wholesale

Company: Solsona Casablanca

Industry: Wholesale

Solutions: SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA

Solsona is one of North Morocco’s leading distributors of ceramics, tiles and sanitary wares. With six retail showrooms across the country, the company imports and exports various popular items from several leading consumer brands.


Before working with SAP Business One, Solsona used several disparate solutions that failed to integrate with each other. Rather than waiting and generating reports from multiple sources, the company required a system that provided real-time, insight-driven business intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.


SAP Business One provided Solsana with the platform it was searching for to deliver accurate, real-time data to make smarter, more informed decisions. The company has unlocked key previously hidden insights with easy access to share and analyse information and streamlined and standardised business processes. With instant visibility into its inventory across multiple platforms and the ability to create and view purchase orders, order confirmation statements and invoices, customer satisfaction and order fulfilment levels have dramatically increased.

Customer Comments

“For everyone who is looking for excellence in their enterprise or business, I recommend you to install SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA.”

Nisrine El Hasna Ouy, Managing Director

ERP for Wholesale - Solsona Casablanca - SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA

ERP for Retail

Company: Rommanel

Industry: Retail

Solutions: SAP Business One

Rommanel USA is a fashion jewellery outlet that stocks around 45,000 items and works with a network of more than 300,000 consultants. The company leads the way with its stylish items. It continually introduces new designs that are current and in demand to meet customers' requirements in more than 40 countries internationally.


With customers and consultants across the globe, Rommanel needed a solution that would integrate into its website and powerfully manage 45,000 SKUs, alongside sales orders, invoices and customer accounts. The dated systems that the company had in place before SAP Business One was holding the company back from realising its evolving strategy.


Since working with an integrated system, Rommanel has integrated its e-commerce solution to automate critical sales processes to streamline the way orders are processed. Using the robust inventory management features in SAP, the company can now manage its extensive inventory in real-time. IT costs have lowered as a result of SAP Business One, and customers, suppliers and consultants are now managed and improved.

Customer Comments

“It’s essential to have SAP Business One, SEIDOR and Rommanel on the same team. With that, we are confident that our butterfly (company) is ready to fly higher and higher.”

Paulo Salva, General Manager

ERP for Retail -  Rommanel - SAP Business One

ERP for Sport & Fitness

Company: River Plate Football Club

Industry: Sports Non-for-Profit

Solutions: SAP Business One

Club Atletico is River Plate, one of Argentina’s most popular and successful football clubs. It has won the Primera Division a record 36 times and welcomes more than 65,000 fans to its El Monumental ground in Buenos Aires. In addition to its world-famous football team, the company also includes a sports club covering more than 50 different sporting activities, a multi-level educational institution that teaches more than 2,000 students and a charitable foundation. 


The club has more than 100,000 members on its database. But it still relied heavily on manual, paper-based processes to complete daily operations. The company realised that digital transformation was required to have confidence in the data available to modernise, automate and streamline critical business tasks.


River Plate searched for a world-class platform with proven processes based on best practices. Now, with SAP Business One, it can complete tasks in seconds that used to take weeks. The club has immediate and accurate visibility into processes and members’ records. On a match day, the company harnesses Big Data from multiple platforms to enhance the matchday experience for fans within the ground.

Customer Comments

“Instead of adapting SAP Business One to River Plate, we adapted River Plate’s processes to SAP Business One. It was a clear and absolute success.”

Gustavo Silikovich, General Manager

ERP for Sport & Fitness - River Plate Football Club - SAP Business One

ERP for Hospitality

Company: Cotton House Hotel Barcelona

Industry: Hospitality

Solutions: SAP Business One

The Cotton House Hotel is a 5-star boutique hotel found in the former headquarters of the Cotton Textile Foundation in Barcelona. This 19th Century, Neo-Classic building features 83 elegant rooms to accommodate guests, alongside facilities for catering, events and meetings. The hotel features a grand marble staircase on arrival, an elegant library, a luminous glass conservatory and a 300sqm terrace. It is set in a stunning setting in the heart of one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.


The hotel searched for a solution incorporating its two main business areas: rooms and catering. It needed a solution to obtain and store information relative to ratios and costs to help it make more strategic business decisions.


With such specific requirements, The Cotton House Hotel was able to customise SAP Business One to suit their business. It can now access information in seconds, which has improved decision-making. With company-wide data accessible from a single application, productivity levels have also improved, with critical processes now automated. The implementation of SAP Business One has given the hotel a platform for sustained growth, with the company now planning on opening another 200-room hotel within the city.

Customer Comments

“SEIDOR is a company with worldwide experience in the hotel sector. They understood our needs and the particularities of the hotel business.”

Andreu Canals, Director

ERP for Hospitality - Cotton House Hotel Barcelona - SAP Business One

ERP for Oil and Gas

Company: ICR Integrity Ltd

Industry: Oil and Gas

Solutions: SAP Business One & Bi360

ICR Integrity Ltd (ICR) is a global company providing integrity, corrosion, maintenance and repair solutions. The company was established in 2011 when five specialist asset integrity companies were brought together through a series of targeted acquisitions. In 2017, the businesses were integrated worldwide, and a unified core solution to operate as one business and preserve the consistency of data was required.


With five separate companies within the group all using disparate solutions, the company had issues with reporting and the consistency and integrity of data. This resulted in month-end reports taking weeks to complete and a lack of confidence from key stakeholders across the company in its data.


Having worked closely with SEIDOR during a previous implementation, ICR chose the SAP Business One specialist to help them deploy SAP Business One to consolidate financial data and reporting. With simplified, faster decision-making, the solution has been critical to the growth of the business.  ICR has saved several days each month on compiling financial reports. Now, ICR has a single system to manage its locations across Europe, North America, UAE and Australia.

Customer Comments

“We chose SAP Business One because we felt that it was the right fit for our business.”

Mark Ritchie, Financial Director 

ERP for Oil and Gas - ICR Integrity Ltd - SAP Business One & Bi360

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