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07 June 2023

The hidden benefits of implementing an ERP solution

When you’ve been working with an ERP solution for a number of years, you’ll really start to notice the range of benefits achieved from integrated systems.

Some will be quantifiable benefits that you can track, such as company growth. But there will also be other factors including the transformation of critical business processes through automation, or improvements in reporting times by working from a central system.

When your project has gone live, it’ll probably be initially measured on simple time and cost saving metrics. But there are also a number of other benefits which your project should ultimately be judged on. Here are some of the hidden benefits of deploying an ERP solution your business will enjoy long after go-live.

The Intelligent Enterprise

The intelligent enterprise is a phrase coined by SAP that creates an innovative, sustainable organisation using cutting-edge technology and best practices with agile, integrated business processes.

An ERP solution not only provides innovative features and best-practice scenarios but quickly turns companies into agile organisations. With real-time data available at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make strategic decisions instantly.

By streamlining reporting and empowering key stakeholders, organisations can create or evolve new strategies to help realise deadlines or targets that are powered by an ERP.

Improved Customer Service

A key benefit of deploying an ERP solution which is often underestimated is the improved levels of customer service. ERP systems can be a key driver in helping organisations to instantly increase the levels of service provided to customers.

Rather than having to access or cross-reference different systems, customer-facing staff can quickly and easily find real-time data to solve queries instantly.

Resolving queries in a faster manner and automating common customer-service led tasks, such sales order tracking or billing, will lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. After all, a satisfied customer is the best business strategy.

Staying compliant

Every organisation will have some sort of industry regulation or compliance that they have to adhere to. How a company stays within the regulations is determined by its processes.

However, with ERP, staying compliant has never been simpler. When you use a system such as SAP Business One, it’s designed and developed in a way that helps organisations to meet any industry or governing regulations.

Because SAP Business One is constantly in development, it always includes the latest compliance standards in localised country versions. This helps companies to avoid fines or penalties and to maintain the reputation of their business.

Streamlined Operations

The systematic nature of an ERP solution provides really powerful automation for end-users. By eliminating any need for data duplication or the risk of human error, levels of productivity will instantly improve.

ERP helps organisations to work smarter and faster. Associating a quantifiable benefits is not always easy, especially when analysing levels of productivity or efficiency.

But one benefit you’ll quickly realise is the control that ERP delivers to your business. With a single source of the truth from a centralised database and 360⁰ visibility into operations, users will quickly be able to identify potential cost savings.

How to deploy an ERP solution

Are you considering an ERP solution? Talk with our team of ERP experts today about the benefits your business can expect when you working with our range of affordable solutions .

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