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01 August 2023

SAP Business One Update: July 2023

The latest Feature Patch for SAP Business One has been released by SAP. The new release includes a series of enhancements to complement existing functionality with a series of eye-catching new tools for the Version 10 Web Client and to improve security features.

At the recent SAP Partner Summit in Vienna, SAP outlined plans to improve SAP Business One’s core security features to protect against the recent increase in cybersecurity attacks.

In addition to the web client functionality, there’s also new functionality for users within marketing documents and also inventory counting enhancements. Take a look at the SAP’s highlights video below or read the SAP release notes to find out more.

SAP Business One FP2305

Web Client Enhancements

SAP recently outlined how the majority of its investment in SAP Business One would be focused on the web client and adding additional features for users.

This release includes enhancements for analytic tools to create conditional links for user-defined query fields. There are new usability tools to display KPIs on saved tiles within the web client dashboard. Users can also create new actions on their menu, and there are also fresh inventory counting tools to count multiple UoMs and to help users identify rows or fields within SAP that have variance percentages.

Some of the biggest improvements are within the Web Client marketing documents. There’s new functionality to add ‘text’ and ‘subtotal’ line types; add opening and closing remarks to documents; and to support linking paid down payment requests or invoices.

Added Security Features

SAP has added a series of new Identification and Authentication Management (IAM) features. These include two-factor authentication, with Okta and SAP IAS as OIDC identify providers.

There’s new sign-in features, including localisation and version information now being visible in the ‘Choose Company’ window, and user binding features that link together individual users from the web client, and multiple company binding when linking identified users to the same company user.

Other Enhancements

Additional functionality added in the latest patch release includes new administration features to easily manage change log for system setups and to simplify data archiving.

New business process enhancements to copy opening and closing remarks, and to update user-defined fields in closed pick lists.

SAP Business One Demonstration

Want to take a closer look at the new tools available within SAP Business One? Arrange a demonstration with one of our product experts today for a guided tour around the solution. Contact us today on 01932 212 777.

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