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SAP Business One Version 10 Update

09 August 2021

SAP Business One Version 10 Update

In this SAP Business One Version 10 update, I'll go through some of the new tools that SAP have released details about and will be included in the new release. SAP have been teasing us with more details on SAP Business One Version 10 for a while now. These include details on Brexit, the new Office 365 integration and interactive Gaant charts.

There are more than 30 fresh developments that SAP have told us about so far in V10. These range from new printing preferences, to the ability to hide the toolbar to increase your working area and options to add UDFs in a series of additional objects.

SAP Business One Version 10 Update on Brexit

The UK might be trying to second-guess what’s going on with Brexit but that hasn’t stopped SAP in their preparations. Version 10 will contain a new localisation for users in the UK. This will be named UK International / Republic of Ireland.

Once Brexit has been completed, SAP will reflect any new regulations within the new UK version of SAP Business One. UK users will need to use this specialised version to stay legally compliant. Organisations who do upgrade are required to activate the Extended Tax Reporting and Making Tax Digital settings when migrating versions.

New Office 365 Integration into SAP Business One

For a while now, users have been able to integrate certain features in Outlook using an add-on that sends or exchanges data with SAP Business One. However, the new tools remove the need for organisations to plug-in extra solutions when using Office 365.

In Version 10, users will now be able to export documents, reports and queries from SAP into Microsoft OneDrive as either a Word or Excel file. These can then be viewed online. Users will also be able to design their own templates when exporting information out of Business One.

Interactive Gaant Charts in SAP

Project management tools have really been ramped up in recent versions of SAP Business One as SAP adds a new dimension to the feature stack. The latest tool is an interactive Gaant chart to allow project managers to quickly and easily make updates.

The Gaant charts will be flexible and user-friendly to easily update project details. Users will be able to move around time bars of sub-projects or project stages to update timelines. This new dynamic overview will really enhance how users build, plan and view projects in SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Version 10 Release Date

In an earlier Road Map update this year, SAP told us that V10 will feature SAP HANA 2.0 and cutting-edge technology for machine learning, the Internet of Things and new analytical capabilities. However, it might be a while until we get our hands on these new tools.

It’s expected that Version 10 will be released before the end of the year – or at least be in its ramp-up stage for any early adopters. As yet, no dates have been released from SAP on when it will be begin its release cycle. As soon as we hear anything more, we’ll keep you updated.

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