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Cloud ERP

05 April 2022

Why use cloud ERP in your SME

Find out more about the basics of Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP has long since moved on after those early adopters took the plunge to swap their servers for a virtual hosting environment. The cloud has gone full circle and is now the preferred platform of choice for many types of businesses.

Over the last couple of years, it has been medium-sized organisations that have driven cloud ERP migration. Now, SMEs are following suit with growing companies realising that cloud adoption aligns with their business model.

Access to anywhere, anytime data provides the flexibility that organisations – and more importantly, their employees – need. On top of that, cloud ERP provides SMEs with a greater sense of security, knowing that if there is ever a problem, then help is at hand. Back-up or recovery plans are available and quickly enforced to keep organisations functioning if ever required.

What is SAP Cloud ERP?

SAP’s enterprise and financial management systems are perfectly placed at the centre of any digital transformation project. SAP Business One is a perfect example of how SMEs can drive efficient growth with cloud ERP. Modern cloud-based ERP Solutions are packed full of intelligent technologies.

These have been developed to help growing companies further boost productivity levels and provide the capacity to innovate. As SAP continues to invest in cloud technology, these innovative tools and exciting new features will only increase.

How cloud ERP works

One of the things that are attractive to fast-growing organisations about migrating to the cloud is that it offers rapid deployment. Because everything is delivered as a service, processes are in place to ensure a smooth and streamlined implementation for minimal disruption.

Typical cloud solutions are based on a subscription basis. This operational expenditure (OpEx) model is an affordable option for all types of businesses. The subscription model is predictable, easy to understand and based on your required number of users and contract length.

The user experience is the same for many ERP Systems. But users of cloud-based systems get access to regular updates. This is ideal for companies who want to utilise the latest technologies. Here at SEIDOR, we leverage and combine AWS hosting technology to provide users with world-class infrastructure complemented by best-in-class ERP Software.

It’s the perfect combination for any small to mid-sized business that is searching for a solution that will make them leaner and more agile whilst providing fast ROI and lower total cost of ownership.

SAP Cloud ERP Demo

Experience running your business in the cloud with SEIDOR. Get in touch today with one of our Cloud ERP experts, and we'll discuss any existing challenges, short and long-term requirements and how we can help you realise your business goals.

At SEIDOR, all of our demos are tailored to your requirements. Let us know what you'd like to see, and we'll arrange a suitable time to show you around our Cloud ERP Solutions.

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