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Video: Why SMEs choose SAP's Cloud-Based Solutions

Watch this video and learn more about the benefits of running SAP's cloud-based ERP solution.


Video: Why SMEs choose SAP's Cloud-Based Solutions

Watch this video and learn more about the benefits of running SAP's cloud-based ERP solution.

Video: Why SMEs choose SAP's Cloud-Based Solutions

Heard the myth about SAP being too expensive for a small or medium-sized business? Or that it takes too long to deploy? Or that it's too complex for a growing business?

Find out more about the real benefits of running one of SAP's SME cloud-based solutions, like SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign, and see why 80% of SAP's customers are SMEs.


SAP cloud solutions can help businesses of any size, anywhere, to tackle their toughest challenges.

Take these folks, for instance. They...
Can we do this one at a time? Go for it, Danny.

"We don't have enough visibility into our extended supply chain to reliably predict when goods will be available to promise. So we're losing orders."

"We've got clunky processes and a bunch of systems that don't talk to each other, so we're having trouble answering the big, time-critical business questions."

"We're struggling to hire and hang on to our best and brightest people, which is hurting our productivity and morale."

"Hyper personalisation is the marketer's Holy Grail, but we don't have the tools to anticipate what each customer wants and offer the right product at the right time, in the right place."

"Our competitors are bringing out novel products, services and business models. But we don't have the resources and the know-how to innovate quickly enough."

Don't worry, Dhruv.

With a flexible platform powered by intelligent technologies, you can uncover unmet needs and bring new offerings to market... at pace.

SAP can help you, Maria, to anticipate customers' next move based on their buying history, and automate one to one experiences at scale across every channel.

Jenny! SAP solutions are designed around what employees need, how they work and what motivates them, so you can keep them engaged and connected to your purpose.

Paula. With SAP's intelligence processes and insights, you can make better decisions faster and take action with confidence.

And Danny, with SAP Solutions, you can build resilience into your supply chain to manage volatility.

You might have heard some myths about SAP.

"Too expensive."
"Too complex."
"Too slow to deploy."
"Too big."
"SAP wouldn't understand my business."

So let's set the record straight.

"SAP has solutions for businesses of every size..."
"...that let you start small and scale as you grow with..."
"...predictable pricing so you can manage your budget..."
", with a global community of over 22,000 partners, they'll be local experts you can rely on to help you solve your problem in your industry, in your language..."
"...all of which gives proven foundation to connect, grow and innovate your business."
"So it's no wonder. 80% of customers small or mid-sized companies who rely on SAP to achieve big things."

I think that's my line.

For every growing pain, there's an SAP solution.

Transcript ends.

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