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How to choose the right SAP Business One Partner

08 July 2022

How to choose the right SAP Business One Partner

SAP Business One is a solution that provides long-term value to growing companies across almost every industry. But how do you maximise your investment after you’ve gone live with your system? Selecting the correct SAP Business One support partner for your business is critical.

There are three key areas to consider when selecting a partner for your system.

1. The right people

A good team of people is pivotal to getting the most out of your solution and investment. Choose a team of specialists that has in-depth knowledge of SAP Business One, as well as an understanding of your business and the industry you work within.

It’s essential to find someone you can trust who is always available if you need assistance or have a question about your solution. There’s nothing worse than only hearing from your partner when they are trying to sell software or services.

At SEIDOR, all our customers are allocated a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who has previously worked as an SAP Business One consultant and can provide fast, expert knowledge on SAP. Our team will also plan a strategic solutions roadmap to help reach targets quicker and deliver long-term value.

2. Support on demand

It’s often said that SAP Business One is the heartbeat of an organisation, and its smooth functioning is critical to keeping operations on track.

In any business, there will be times when things go wrong, and you need extra support from your SAP Partner. Having a partner who understands the urgency of fixing issues as quickly as possible is essential. The last thing you need is support tickets in queues for days or weeks, which can negatively impact the performance of your system and the success of your business.

Before selecting an SAP Business One Support Partner, ask about their response times in the SLA and how often they achieve these targets. At SEIDOR, you can quickly contact one of our certified experts via phone, email or online.

3. Custom solutions

SAP Business One is a powerful out-of-the-box business management system with all the tools a growing organisation needs to manage critical tasks. However, there may be times when businesses require additional functionality and the ability to create custom solutions.

There are now more than 500 add-ons for SAP Business One within the solution’s eco-system, including tools from Boyum and BPA. But without the correct configuration or support, organisations can under-utilise add-ons, resulting in little impact and perceived poor value for money.

SEIDOR was recently appointed Boyum Platinum Partner and is one of the UK's leading support experts for BPA. This means that we can keep your core SAP solution running at full speed and have the knowledge and experience to support any additional software your business relies upon.

Find out more about SEIDOR’s award-winning SAP Business One services. Get in touch with one of our team of SAP Business One experts today or call us now on 01 697 1818.

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