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August 18, 2023

Transform your Enterprise with RISE with SAP

Business leaders are feeling the pressure to accelerate the transformation of their businesses.

Here are some alarming stats behind their urgency:

  • 79% connect operations to support customer experiences
  • 59% actively use data and analytics for strategy
  • 72% have started disrupting their sectors to survive

Everyone has a unique starting point. RISE with SAP is changing the digital landscape to make business processes easier for you.

RISE with SAP offers:

  • Standardized system architecture in the cloud
  • Flexible extensions and lower TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership
  • Side-by-side innovation and system upgrades delivered by SAP
  • Predictable cost of migration reduced TCO, and faster ROI, or Return on Investment
  • Cloud economics with your current functional scope
  • One contact and contract for an entire transformation
  • Proven best practices and modular architecture improve performance and agility

Why should you RISE with SAP? With this digital transformation, you have one hand to shake and one contract to sign, the ability to standardize, modularize, and accelerate innovation, and all the benefits without giving up your options.

And best of all? SEIDOR Portugal is an expert when it comes to implementing this amazing solution!