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Khereiji Showrooms

Khereiji Showrooms Company (KSC)

Electrifying industry solutions powered by SAP Business One

Since its founding in 1978, Jeddah-based Khereiji Showrooms Company (KSC) has grown into Saudi Arabia’s
leading electrical solutions provider for the construction industry, delivering a wide range of electrical, engineering, design and custom manufactured solutions. To meet the demands of their fast growing distribution and retail networks, KSC turned to SAP Business One and the implementation experts at Seidor, who in turn provided the tools for greater efficiency, faster processes, global best practices, comprehensive operations monitoring and oversight, and increased profitability, placing KSC on track to accomplishing its vision of expanded operations throughout the Kingdom and the greater GCC region as a whole.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities
•Desire to grow the business and expand coverage throughout Saudi Arabia and abroad
•Aspiration to greatly expand the company’s commercial product offering
•Need to incorporate industry best practices

Why SAP Business One and Seidor
•Solution offers a scalable, integrated data platform with real-time data and analytics
•Solution incorporates global industry best practices for greater accuracy and efficiency
•Partner quickly grasped company needs and provided “fantastic” support

After: Value-Driven Results
•Faster, more accurate processes
•Full operations oversight with product traceability and real-time inventory data and analytics
•Greater profitability with sales up by 50% since implementation
•Incorporation of worldwide industry best practices

Hasan Al Masalmeh

Sales Operations Manager, KSC

“KSC plans to grow significantly over the next 5 to7 years and SAP Business One offers us limitless support to reach this plan and beyond.”

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