Web and app development

Developing a website or app enables us to optimise a specific action, experience or objective strategically. At SEIDOR, we transform these points of contact with customers into results through an optimised design and structure.

We determine the right design for each situation. We start by focusing on preliminary needs analysis, conceptualisation and information architecture before developing digital prototypes and multi-device adaptability to optimise the experience.



We develop digital solutions following the Scrum methodology, using the best tools for the needs of each project. Following the development stage, we perform quality assurance tests and provide training for users and content managers.


We support the infrastructure team for assembly and implementation, covering the development, pre-production and production environments.

System service

Seguridad en redes
Análisis web

This includes tag management and appearance in search results through Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Search Console. We also analyse user behaviour with heat maps and measure user interactions with the Hotjar tool.

Web analytics services

We design and develop solutions, focusing on every aspect of the website to optimise your SEO. These elements include images, language redirects, sitemaps, OpenGraph, load performance, accessibility, optimisation for all types of devices, schema, robots.txt files to define interaction rules, 301 redirects and CDN.

SEO services

Servicios SEO

PWA features


The app will adapt to any format, browser and device.


The user will always see the latest version.


HTTPS protocol and TLS technology are used for web encryption.


Fast loading and optimised browsing.


Partial or full access without an internet connection.


They can run on multiple devices, operating systems and browsers.

Direct access

They can appear in search engine results.


Native appearance and own features.