We have omnichannel Marketing Automation solutions to cover end-to-end B2C and B2B marketing processes, with the best technology on the market.

Customer Experience has become a leitmotif in all organizations. Increasing the number and quality of customer interactions, whether B2B or B2C, is essential for attracting customers and building loyalty.

Success is based on content customization so that each customer feels that the organization knows their needs and serves them based on the needs and interests already expressed on any of the physical or digital channels made available to them.

Marketing Solutions

In this respect, at SEIDOR, we have all the leading solutions on the market for marketing plans in order to propose to our customers the solution that best suits their organization and information system.


SAP Marketing Cloud

End-to-end marketing management solution that will help you resolve all your challenges with focus, agility and efficiency, while offering you new business opportunities.


The perfect customer engagement platform for B2C businesses, optimising customer loyalty on your digital channels and generating communities of value for your organisation.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Your tool for managing personalised, automated campaigns through any channel, multiplying the results.

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