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January 02, 2023

SAP Business ByDesign Pricing

Welcome to the most comprehensive SAP Business ByDesign pricing and licensing guide online.

I will show you everything you need to know to secure an amazing SAP Business ByDesign license contract that could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

In short: if you want a single resource to help answer all your SAP Business ByDesign pricing-related questions, this should be the one to bookmark for future reference.

It features testimonials, package and user options, and SAP Business ByDesign pricing for different user options.

It also discusses the benefits of licensing and implementing SAP Business ByDesign software through SEIDOR.

Now is a fantastic time to license SAP with SEIDOR.

SAP Business ByDesign Overview

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application designed for fast-growing mid-market businesses without the complexity and cost of ERP software.

SAP ByDesign natively supports built-in processes for finances, sales, customer service, inventory, procurement, and project management from a single cloud-based application. SAP Business ByDesign will enable you to connect your business's significant functions with best-in-class processes and workflows to modernize your business.

Another great thing about Business ByDesign is that it's designed to scale as your business grows, meaning you'll never have to worry about another ERP migration once you hit a particular milestone in the growth of your business.

You can think of SAP Business ByDesign as your central nerve center connecting all your business departments and process to a single cloud-based platform enabling faster and better decision-making capabilities.

Here are some of the primary reasons growing businesses choose SAP Business ByDesign:

  • The lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional on-premise ERP systems
  • One platform (no limits) for all your departments and lines of business
  • Provides immediate value to the company - implementations are lightweight and quick compared to on-premise ERP systems
  • Modular approach - get what you need now and have peace of mind that your EPR will scale as your business demands it
  • Industry focus - purpose-built for your specific industry needs.
  • Offers 43 localized versions with multi-currency support - have international ambitions? No worries; SAP ByDesign has you covered.

What Are Customers Saying About SAP Business ByDesign?

Real-world application is critical for choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Many mid-level businesses have had great success using SAP Business ByDesign. SAP Business ByDesign has helped hundreds of companies grow their companies in their unique ways, and the results speak for themselves:

With SAP Business ByDesign, we move toward one blueprint on how to do business across the company, equipping people to focus on what they do best and the data to make the best possible decisions.

- KR - Finance Transformation Program Director

With SAP Business ByDesign, I can always access all the critical information I need without asking my employees for help. That’s an invaluable advantage, particularly when I’m traveling on business.

- WF - CEO

With SAP Business ByDesign, our financial data is more relevant, and we can respond to queries faster. The solution provided transparency on project outcomes and cost from the beginning and has helped us deliver on time and within budget-saving 50% of the time spent by FTEs running reports, entering trial balances, and manipulating data.

- CG - CFO

SAP Business ByDesign is an essential tool for growing mid-market businesses. It helps businesses grow while also adapting to each business's custom strategy.

What Is the Price for SAP Business ByDesign?

You'll pay monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription licenses and cloud hosting to access SAP Business ByDesign. The monthly base package fee is $1,818, and this base price includes subscriptions for two advanced users and three core users. Additional users will then be added to the monthly cost, depending on the user you're adding.

The most basic monthly subscription package is the self-service user, which costs $22 per user, and SAP Business ByDesign's base package price. Any additional core users added to your ERP cost $120 monthly, and any different advanced users cost $217. The pricing information for each user is subject to change.

What Does the Self-Service User Subscription Include?

Self-service users use SAP Business ByDesign to perform tasks like time and expense reporting, leave requests, procurement requests, and travel management. The self-service package also allows users to execute and confirm logistical tasks.

Self-service tasks are fully included in this package. Still, the significant benefits of SAP Business ByDesign, such as project management, human resources, financials, and product lifecycle management, are not included. Supply chain and customer relationship management are partially included but only in an offline self-service capacity.

Each self-service user costs $22 monthly and the $1,818 base package price.

Self-service user functions:

  • Full access to self-service tasks
  • Partial access to customer relationship management
  • Partial access to supply chain management

What Does the Core User Subscription Include?

Core subscription users access everything available to self-service users and processes like customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and project management. Core subscription users access tools for managing team activity, like human resources, supplier relationship management, pre-configured reporting, key performance indicators, and financials.

SAP Business ByDesign's base package includes three core users, and every additional core user costs $120 monthly.

Core user functions:

  • Full access to self-service tasks
  • Full access to customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Full access to human resources
  • Full access to project management
  • Full access to product lifecycle management
  • Full access to supplier relationship management
  • Full access to financials
  • Full access to supply chain management (SCM)
  • Partial access to crucial user administration topics

What Does the Advanced User Subscription Include?

Advanced users can access all available Work Centers, including all the features for core and self-service users. Advanced users are necessary for critical users and administrator roles, and they have access to business configuration, application, user management, business analytics, service control centers, and PDI access.

SAP Business ByDesign's base package includes two advanced users; every additional advanced user costs $217 monthly.

Advanced user functions:

  • Full access to self-service tasks
  • Full access to customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Full access to human resources
  • Full access to project management
  • Full access to product lifecycle management
  • Full access to supplier relationship management
  • Full access to financials
  • Full access to supply chain management (SCM)
  • Full access to crucial user administration

Making the Leap to SAP Business ByDesign

We understand there are many options to consider when considering a new ERP software for your business. And at first glance, it may seem overwhelming if this is your first time purchasing SAP Business ByDesign. No need to worry, SEIDOR is the leading US SAP Business ByDesign partner, and we've helped hundreds of clients like you. Let us help you determine the best deployment and licensing approach for your ERP needs.

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SAP Business ByDesign is a business management tool in the cloud designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of businesses, offering ease of use, secure data processing, and the reassurance of having SAP support.

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We have developed vertical solutions and horizontal add-ons to optimize and simplify the business development of clients who are already using SAP Business ByDesign by addressing specific market requirements.

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SAP Business ByDesign connects every function across your company, from finance, CRM, and HR to project management, supplier relationship management (SRM), and supply chain—on a single, unified cloud solution.

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