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The place to develop your talent

SEIDOR is an organization where you can develop yourself professionally and personally, surrounded by large human teams with shared values and the best work experience.

People make our organization unique

We grow thanks to you and want you to feel at home. Here are nine essential aspects of our culture that characterize SEIDOR:

Flexible schedule and work-life balance

We look after our talent by offering flexible conditions that harmonize their personal life and professional development.

Great work environment

SEIDOR is an organization renowned by partners and professionals for its internal culture, camaraderie, and collaborative environment.

Remote working in our DNA

At SEIDOR, remote working is another way of working that is fully integrated into our culture, providing flexibility and convenience to our teams.

The welcome you deserve

Our onboarding program is ready to welcome you and accompany you as you get to know your work environment. You will have a team and a mentor at your disposal.

Innovative challenges await you

Innovation is part of our day-to-day. We design new solutions in technology for the changing world in which we live.

We work with major brands

We work in an environment where we exchange knowledge and opportunities. Top professionals are part of the ecosystem of SEIDOR clients, suppliers, and partners.

Collaborative mindset

At SEIDOR, we lend each other a helping hand, and fellowship is part of our way of understanding our work. We love working as a team and learning from each other.

Global mindset, local cooperation

Our company has a family background and a global mindset with a local, inclusive sensibility that respects all environments and spaces where it operates.

Close-knit leadership and participatory management

We believe in a type of leadership that helps to develop your potential, encourages participation, and takes advantage of the sensibility of the needs of our teams.


Maxine Paul

Group HR Manager Seidor Africa

"Fellowship and common growth: These are the words that come to my mind when I think about what I experience at SEIDOR. An exciting journey with an exceptional group of people."

Mireia Perals

Mireia Perals

Functional - Logistics Consultant in Spain

"At SEIDOR, each challenge in our business unit brings us knowledge and further specialization. Feeling how you grow professionally and as a human is an incomparable feeling."

Dustin Coombe

Dustin Coombe

Sales and Marketing Director for the United Kingdom

"The company believes in people, and this is manifested in the fact that we have great autonomy and the ability to organise the work in our own way. Thus, the work and personal realms coexist peacefully."


Claudia Millán

Cloud Business Unit Manager in Chile

"We help the world to progress in technological terms, developing projects for leading companies in their respective sectors. SEIDOR opens the door to top experiences, and having that security is very comforting."


Hedaia Neiroukh

Consultant in Dubai

"A collaborative, flexible, and highly specialized work environment that brings out the best in you. Each year is a different experience."


Fernando Canha

Marketing Specialist in Brazil

"Two fundamental aspects to understand the culture at SEIDOR: Concern for the human team and continuous development. I am proud to be part of it."

Chester Lin

Chester Lin

Sales manager in Taiwan

"An organization full of challenges where every day is different and work is linked to creativity."

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