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Food and Beverage

We resolve the challenges facing the evolution of the food and beverage sector, focusing on the consumer's needs.

To meet the changing demand of consumers, we need each market participant and each machine to be connected and disrupt the established rules in food industry companies.

Connectivity drives the movement of goods, services, people, knowledge, and wealth. Technology adoption and business innovation are constantly changing—a challenge that represents an opportunity for the sector. Food sector companies need a flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure to manage their data globally while furnishing a distributed network of business partners.

Connected sensors, drones, and robots are reshaping the modern food industry. Companies need to access relevant information in real-time for quick decision-making, flexibility, and adaptation of IT solutions that guarantee fast time to market and make it possible to predict consumer behavior and stay one step ahead.

Challenges of the sector




Reinvention of business models


Hyperconnected consumers and intelligent social media users


Promoting e-commerce and customer experience


Optimization of digital investment

Customer experience

Building brands with added value


Product/process innovation (i + R + D)


Greater efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability


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