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SEIDOR and Tonkean Partnership

June 04, 2024

SEIDOR Announces Partnership with Tonkean to Bring AI-Powered Intake Orchestration to its Advanced SAP Service Offerings

Orlando, June 4, 2024SEIDOR, a consulting firm specializing in technology services and solutions with a presence in 45 countries and 9,000 employees, and Tonkean, an intake orchestration platform, announced a strategic global partnership during their participation in the SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference.

This alliance will enable SEIDOR to integrate Tonkean's intake orchestration capabilities, specifically its ProcurementWorks solution, into its SAP service offerings. ProcurementWorks is an intake orchestration solution designed for enterprise procurement teams that intelligently automates the intake, triage, and resolution of every request, maximizing adoption, compliance, and efficiency. The integration of ProcurementWorks with key procure-to-pay platforms like SAP Ariba will help SEIDOR further simplify procurement processes for its clients.

The key objectives of the partnership for SEIDOR are to technologically strengthen and personalize the service SEIDOR provides its clients via Tonkean's intake orchestration, automation, and workflow management capabilities; accelerate time-to-value for clients by allowing them to optimize their processes quickly and efficiently; and further expand its global reach.

Rodolpho Cardenuto, CEO of SEIDOR North America, emphasized, "This partnership will enable SEIDOR to offer our clients more integrated and efficient solutions, significantly enhancing their business process management capabilities."

Sagi Eliyahu, co-founder CEO of Tonkean, added, "Our collaboration with SEIDOR represents a significant step forward in delivering advanced, no-code orchestration solutions that wrap around every organization's existing technological infrastructure—including gold star platforms like SAP Ariba—and that help procurement organizations create processes that finally, truly put people first, while also greatly improving procurement performance.".

SEIDOR brings its extensive experience in consulting and implementing SAP solutions, while Tonkean offers an easy-to-use SaaS intake orchestration platform that requires no coding.

Increased efficiency, improved performance, and people-first process experience

The benefits for clients from this collaboration include access to technology that increases operational efficiency through the automation and orchestration of manual and technical workflows, a massive reduction in manual effort, and rapid acceleration of cycle times.

Additionally, Tonkean intake orchestration improves visibility by centrally tracking all intake processes from request to resolution. Intake orchestration reduces costs for clients by optimizing resource use and eliminating redundant manual tasks, as it enables greater business agility by speeding up decision-making and process execution and putting the ability to customize workflows and experiences into the hands of internal service teams themselves. .

The initial focus of the partnership will be on integrating Tonkean with SAP Ariba, SAP's leading procurement platform. The scope of the collaboration will then expand to include S/4HANA and other SAP solutions, covering a broader range of business needs. SEIDOR will develop managed services for the continuous management and operation of Tonkean workflows.


SEIDOR is a global technology consulting firm that offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services in Artificial Intelligence, Edge, Customer Experience, Employee Experience, ERP, Data, Application Modernization, Cloud, Connectivity, and Cybersecurity. SEIDOR stands out as a Platinum partner of SAP and offers a comprehensive portfolio of its solutions in the North American market. With revenue of $833 million in 2022 and a workforce of over 9,000 highly qualified professionals, SEIDOR has a direct presence in 45 countries across Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The consultancy firm is a partner of leading technology companies. SEIDOR has an extensive presence in the United States, with its headquarters located in Houston.

About Tonkean

Tonkean provides a first-of-its-kind intake orchestration platform that helps enterprise shared-service teams like procurement and legal create process experiences that people actually follow. With Tonkean, you can build processes that are personalized for each requester, and that use AI to automate the intake, triage, and resolution of every request. With a library of preconfigured process templates and a 100% no-code process editor, Tonkean is the orchestration platform of choice for many innovative F500 companies. With full governance controls, enterprises can drive higher compliance while maximizing adoption — all without any change management and no code. Tonkean offers dedicated solutions for procurement teams (ProcurementWorks) and legal operations (LegalWorks), along with broad intake and orchestration capabilities for virtually any enterprise process.

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