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SAP Business Technology Platform

Bringing together data and analytics, AI, application development, automation, and integration in one cloud platform.


SAP Business Technology Platform

Bringing together data and analytics, AI, application development, automation, and integration in one cloud platform.



SAP Business Technology Platform is an innovation platform optimized for SAP applications in the cloud.

With SAP BTP, your innovations can deliver consistent, connected experiences along business processes and provide real-time and complete insights into your data wherever it resides.

Personalize experiences for SAP applications
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With SAP BTP, you can jump-start new projects by relying on proven best practices and low-code solutions to provide a complete understanding of SAP data semantics.

Innovate faster with business context

With SAP BTP, you can innovate in the cloud without interfering with your core applications, helping you standardize your SAP software landscape.

Run on a trusted, enterprise-grade platform
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Best Partner of 2023 - Customer Experience Solutions

SAP Global LoB Partner Excellence Awards are a partner recognition program focusing on SAP’s strategic business priorities. This year, we won the SAP Global SAP Customer Experience Partner Excellence Award 2023 for SAP Business Technology Platform Customer Success.

Benefits of using SAP BTP

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Accelerate move to the cloud

Benefit from SAP BTP’s capabilities before, during, and after your move to the cloud in disciplines like data and extension migration, integration, or consolidation.

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Keep the core clean

Create and operate highly integrated side-by-side solution extensions to individualize your business processes without harming the stable application core.

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Optimize & automate business processes

Automate manual tasks and cross-application workflows, leveraging a broad set of pre-defined content.

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Drive decisions based on data

Support your business users with the correct information at hand or AI-based recommendations to improve decision speed and quality – by leveraging any data sources.

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Integrated financial management tools within an ERP system have become necessary for any growing organization. The integrated and systemic nature of an end-to-end solution is proven to streamline the day-to-day financial management of a company.

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