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SAP Concur Travel

Simplify the travel management experience for Public Sector entities.

SAP Concur Travel is one of the core SAP Concur products. It simplifies the travel management experience for Public Sector entities by providing visibility and control of all travel spending.

It helps your organization stay compliant with policies while making it easy to make changes to travel plans as needed, no matter where and when those changes arise.

With an online booking tool explicitly tailored to your travel policies and preferred vendors, SAP Concur Travel makes managing your travel program more accessible and more effective for your organization. Public Sector employees can now book everything they need and update travel changes and perks in real-time. SAP Concur Travel automates hassle-free claims filing after the trip while staying within policy.

Having the ability to view all your travel spending in one place, extensive reporting options, and an intuitive user interface, you’ll have the insight you need to drive down costs, accurately forecast, and improve negotiations with vendors.

Key Benefits of SAP Concur Travel for Public Sector


78% less time to book a business trip

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Mobile capabilities

41% reduction in absenteeism than the average organization

Save countless hours of productivity by automating processes

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