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Eurostar success story
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Eurostars Magnificent Mile Success Story

Eurostars Hotel Company chain is a collection of high-end establishments strategically located in the historic center or near the financial districts of cities, which stand out for their cultural uniqueness. The chain’s portfolio currently includes over 200 establishments located in major Spanish cities and the leading international destinations: New York, Chicago, Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, Porto, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City, among others.

Before implementing Hub OS, Eurostars Magnificent Mile faced the following business challenges:

  • Optimization of materials and human resources
  • Analysis of the condition of assets
  • The ability to review staff work
  • Organization of other tools used for the hotel

Eurostars Magnificent Mile, part of the Eurostars hotel chain, has found success with the Hub OS hotel operations solution because it is intuitive, provides good support, creates more options for flexibility in the business, and has easy implementation.

After implementation, Eurostars Magnificent Mile has made the following conclusions:

  • Hub OS is a dynamic tool that enables modifications
  • It optimizes personnel work
  • It optimizes and guarantees the service life of the building's equipment
  • We can anticipate future short, medium, and long-term problems
Eurostars Hotels

Patricia Cereijo

Area Manager, Eurostars

"Hub OS is an excellent tool that is easy to use, compatible with other hotel tools, and easy to implement. This solution provides flexibility and adjustment to the reality of what we need as a company."

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May 25, 2021

SEIDOR and Hub OS Partner Together to Bring Automation to the Hotel Operations in the US

This partnership supports both companies' goals to help hoteliers recover faster and more efficiently to the post-covid reality.

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