Los 6 mejores ERP del mercado que no conocías

January 25, 2022

The 6 best ERPs on the market that you didn't know about

ERPs are key to the management of today's businesses. However, there are some references, perhaps not so well-known, that bring added value. Would you like to know the best unknown ERPs on the market? Continue reading.

The best ERPs on the market: References that will surprise you

The ERP market has a number of proposals that can range from offering comprehensive options to dealing only with a single module or corporate area.

There are three issues to consider when choosing ERP. First, the size of the company, because an SME is not the same as a large company. On the other hand, the activity sector, which will also be decisive. Finally, but less importantly, you also need to consider the training of your staff.

The following references have in common that they are not so well-known to the public, but are of objective interest. They are the following:

1. SAP Business One

SAP is one of the software providers for benchmark companies, both by market share and by trajectory and functionalities. ERP SAP Business One is designed to provide a global response, working on logistics, inventories, accounting and finance and, finally, customer management.

On the other hand, there are specific solutions for working with the cloud or for large companies. The idea is to provide a product that can be used in various contexts and, with this software, this is achieved. In addition, you have international support, so that incidents are handled quickly and efficiently. This ERP is especially interesting for companies working on an international scale.

One of the peculiarities of SAP Business One is that it is suitable all types of activity sectors. This means that you can use it in a factory, a distribution company or a retail company.

SAP Business One

2. Ekon 2020

Ekon 2020 is the latest update of this company that has created a plug & play product. Under normal conditions, you will be able to cover up to 90 % of your company's needs and optimise the remaining 10%. This result has been achieved thanks to its assisted auto-configuration function, time-saving automatic data loading and automatic execution while performing functions.

Ekon helps make it easier for people who are implementing an ERP for the first time. Therefore, we recommend it when your activity is not very complex or when your staff is not highly qualified. If simplicity of use is what you want, this is an alternative to consider. Today, you don't have to run particularly complex operations to run your ERP on a day-to-day basis.

In short, if you are looking for a functional, intuitive and time-saving ERP, this is the option for you. It is not surprising, therefore, that it has gained importance.

Ekon 20

3. Izaro ERP

Zuchetti Group's Izaro ERP is the ideal software if you want to have a comprehensive control of your company's departments. With this ERP you will be able to cover manufacturing, logistics, finance and HR. In addition, it allows work to be carried out in person, in a local team or in the cloud.

It should be noted that Zuchetti is a renowned and experienced company in the sector. Therefore, if you are looking for good support in case of problems, you will find it easy to solve the problem here. In addition, the parent company has a number of specific products. This is good if you ever need a complement to this product.

It is worth noting that this software is available in several languages and is suitable for several companies. Whatever the sector, and whatever your size, this is an option to consider.

Izaro ERP

4. LANTEK Integra

Lantek Integra is a sectoral ERP aimed only at industrial companies, specifically those that manufacture metal sheets, tubes or profiled metals. Therefore, it is an option for certain types of factories.

This does, despite this premise, allow you to manage the entire manufacturing and marketing process. One example is that you can, for example, create tailor-made quotes and manage invoicing. And, of course, customer management is also included. In short, you will be able to handle any eventuality professionally and reliably.

Are you looking for a niche solution for your industrial company? This is one of the best possibilities in the market.

Lantek Integra

5. PHC Software CS Enterprise

The PHC Software CS Enterprise is another niche ERP but, in this case, for large companies. The idea is to provide, in addition to a functional response, information for strategic decisions.

In times of Big Data, it is clear that causal relationships are important. This ERP provides secure data entry using Microsoft SQL Server as the basis and facilitates the necessary scalability. It also has a high degree of automation, which will save you from repeating functions. It is not surprising that this ERP has gained popularity, especially in companies of a certain size.

Companies that seek a high capacity and secure ERP have an interesting possibility here.

PHC Software CS Enterprise

6. Wolters Kluwer a3ERP

The Wolters Kluwer a3ERP product is ideal if you want to centralise everything in a database. This ERP integrates the areas of management, logistics, HR, finance, accounting and sales. The result is that you avoid duplication when entering information.

On the other hand, this is a recommended ERP for SMEs because its use is intuitive. As a result, the practical implementation in your company will not be tedious or particularly difficult when compared to other options. It is also suitable for all types of companies and for working with multiple currencies. There are many SMEs working at an extra-community level, so this is a possibility.

Do you have an SME and work in several countries? Don't worry! This ERP that can be extremely useful for your objectives

Wolters Kluwer a3ERP


This list of the best ERP in the market will make it easier for you to choose according to what you need. Remember that SAP has a range of diverse options to suit the characteristics of your company. At SEIDOR Business One we will be happy to help you.

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