¿Estás valorando cambiar de ERP? Conoce las ventajas

September 06, 2022

Are you considering changing your ERP software? Find out about the advantages

Your company may already have software to manage its processes. However, you may feel that it's still missing something. Do you think the time has come to change ERP software?If so, stay with us. We explain why changing your ERP system is a good idea, what steps you need to take to do it safely and which are the best solutions currently available for your business.

6 reasons why changing your ERP software is a good idea

Let's start by analysing the reasons that should encourage you to change the ERP software in your company.

Improve security

No one can escape the fact that process management within a company must provide for a high degree of security. Opting for a modern and updated ERP system means greater protection against external attacks.

Have a scalable solution

SMEs, which are relatively small in size, also grow. Some even end up becoming large corporations. That is why it is crucial to opt for a management solution that is able to grow at the same pace. In this regard, it is best to choose flexible and scalable software that covers all the needs of your business as it expands.

Achieve higher productivity

ERP software must ensure high productivity in operations. Have you noticed that your current system no longer allows you to optimise your business as before? This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for considering changing your ERP system.

Maintain the capacity to adapt

No two companies are the same, even those in the same sector manage their internal processes in a variety of ways. Rigid ERP systems lack the possibility of deep integration, which has a negative impact on operations and reduces efficiency. Remember: the ERP system must be adapted to your business and not the other way around. If that does not happen, it is worth migrating towards a more suitable solution.

Opt for real-time information

Information is power, so it is clear that only by having up-to-date data on business processes can the right decisions be made. Thanks to cloud-based ERP solutions, it is possible to consult the status of processes at all times and from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.

Simplify management

The last reason to change your ERP system is to simplify management. At all times we are talking about software that is accessible to all employees, regardless of their department, as long as they have the appropriate permissions. Even when employees receive the required training, an overly complex tool prevents their capabilities from being fully exploited.

Simplificar la gestión

Steps to change your ERP system safely

There are a number of reasons why changing your ERP system is a good idea. Now, what steps must be taken to do so successfully? We go over the four stages of migration.

Initial approach

Before getting down to work, it is crucial to make some important decisions. The first step involves choosing the new ERP software to be implemented in the company. The company chooses the one that meets the real needs of the company and allows for improvements in process management.

Next, the company needs to select the supplier, a company that has the necessary infrastructure and qualified professionals to complete the migration correctly. Of course, it is essential that the supplier offers you a sound maintenance and support service.

Implementing ERP software

The second step is the implementation of the ERP software. One of the delicate tasks of this phase is database migration. When completed, the data found in the initial software is ready in the new ERP system. Because of the critical nature of this procedure, it is best to source a specialised partner for support.

Team training

Changes are difficult at first, especially if the previous ERP system had been in operation for a long time. The right way to handle these changes is with adequate training. If employees receive all the necessary information and their questions are answered, migration will be simpler.

Start working

When everything is ready, it's time to get to work with the new ERP software. In this phase, the employees begin adapting to the newly installed software. Doubts usually arise, and it is therefore important to maintain open communication with the supplier.


Success story - Rossellimac

See why other companies chose SAP Business One.

What are you waiting for? Change your ERP system?

If you've made it this far, you're surely convinced that the time has come to change your ERP system. Migration is undoubtedly a challenge for any company, but the benefits it brings are worth it.

SAP Business One is a leading software in this sector that can bring many advantages to your business. Here are some of the most salient:

Absolute control of all operations. The SAP Business One ERP solution includes modules to manage any aspect of a business and keep all processes under control.
Accessible from anywhere. SAP software allows you to modify and adjust parameters no matter where you are. It not only works on your computer, but also includes mobile applications.
A large community. With SAP Business One you will never be alone. It is a tool that includes support in 28 languages and has specific versions for 44 countries. All this is backed by a network of more than 800 partners.
Integration and greater returns. This tool has been designed to boost productivity within an organisation, making your business even more profitable.
Make better decisions, faster. The information provided by ERP software such as SAP Business One within a company allows you to steer the course successfully, applying the necessary adjustments more quickly.

Clearly, as the software covers a large number of processes within the company, this is no easy task. That's why there's nothing better than having a team of experts who are at your SME's side from start to finish.

At SEIDOR, we are specialists in the market-leading ERP, SAP Business One. Improve your company's productivity, control every process wherever you are and increase security by changing your ERP system. We help you to migrate successfully!

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SAP Business One

Discover the ERP system you need to control your SME with SAP Business One.

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