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November 20, 2023

Beas production line management for SAP Business One

Efficiency is a key word in any industrial sector. Because of this, it is important to have tools that help you improve your routine processes. Any company can apply technology in order to improve its performance. A good way to do this is with SAP Business One.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a unique and integrated solution that provides a complete picture and full control of your entire business.

Beas Manufacturing is a module designed for the production sector. It involves carrying out an exhaustive control of the entire production chain, including the times of each process. This information is shown on a graphic interface that makes it easier to take decisions.

Knowing in detail how the production chain that is available to you functions will let you optimise processes in order to reduce production costs. This makes it easier to offer your customers a better product in less time.

Benefits of using SAP Business One with Beas management

Integrating both tools makes it easier for your business to make the leap to technology. You will receive a series of benefits:

  • Control of every process: it will not only help you control the production chain, but it will also integrate sales, supplies and/or accounting.
  • Real-time analysis: the data is extracted instantly, letting you know what is happening at any given time. You will always have control and information to take the necessary decisions.
  • Improved operation: processes such as the generation of work orders or inventory control are streamlined. This reduces time requirements and improves efficiency.
  • Unique quality controls: you will know each batch being manufactured and its final recipient. This will help you ensure customised quality control for each customer.
  • Workload: graphs will show you the workload that each station or factory has to support at any given time. They will help improve the process and its efficiency.
  • Reliable delivery dates: knowing every detail lets you specify the timelines of production processes. This way, you can guarantee your customer a delivery time.

Industry 4.0 is for everyone, and so is the Beas module

Being integrated is simple, regardless of company size. Nowadays, there are technological solutions designed for any business, no matter what sector it operates in.

The Beas module, which is integrated into SAP Business One ERP, enhances the efficiency of the production sector. This is achieved by having clear control and knowledge of the processes in the production chain. The aim is to improve efficiency and profitability by offering new experiences to customers and generating greater value streams.

SEIDOR has extensive experience in SAP and Beas implementations, and can provide its services anywhere on Earth. Shall we talk?ón

SAP Business One

Find out how Beas can grow your business, no matter what industry you are in.

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