Digitalización y seguridad de los datos 8 aspectos a tener en cuenta

January 27, 2022

Data security and digitalisation 8 aspects to take into consideration

The combination of digitalisation and data security is necessary if you don't want to take risks. This entry tells you what aspects you need to take into account.

The 8 keys to data security and digitalisation

The intensive use of digital data and its recovery (Big Data) has made security a key issue due to the multiple risks of phishing, data theft, installation of malware or simple sabotage. It should not be forgotten that the company is exposed to heavy fines and other losses.

The following list summarises those guidelines that you should (very much) keep in mind to minimise problems. Data security and digitalisation is already an obligation. However, bear in mind that, depending on your company's activity, there are aspects that will have to be nuanced. In any case, take note, it will be of interest to you:

1. Adhere to Data Protection guidelines

The Organic Law on Data Protection and the European Data Protection Regulation, both of which came into force in 2018, are the legal texts by which you must abide. And in both cases, a principle of self-monitoring is required.

First, make sure that data has been collected lawfully (with clear, express and unambiguous consent). Moreover, you must notify any incident to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) when it occurs. And finally, you have to implement self-regulatory systems to guarantee the security of your databases.

Remember the fines for non-compliance are very substantial. We talk about up to 20 million euros or 4% of the company's turnover.

Cíñete a las directrices legales de Protección de Datos

2. Sign up for ERP from a verified company

Signing up for ERP service is fundamental for most companies. And, beyond the issues related to functionality, security is also key.

There are verified companies, such as SEIDOR, that provide a comprehensive solution with 24-hour technical support. Furthermore, it is also advisable that this presence be global. If you have any problems, it will be easier for you to manage if you work with a company with a good customer service network. Therefore, this is a fundamental issue in data security and digitalisation.

In the end, remember that you have a period of only 72 hours to notify the AEPD of any security incidents. Therefore, a quick response from the provider is essential for making decisions.

Contrata un ERP con una empresa contrastada

3. Limit access to digital data

The limitation of access to digital data is another policy that is essential. As a general principle, you should authorise the use of the data by persons directly involved in data management. And you may want to consider the possibility of confidentiality clauses for unregulated issues.

Ideally, this data should only be used by the company's employees. And, of course, when there is any reason to do so. Otherwise, the risks will multiply.

Limita el acceso a los datos digitales

4. Introduce a traceability system in data management

The introduction of traceability systems is essential to detect the source of problems. There are two possible ways to do this.

Firstly, you can require that entry to the databases is done from an ID and a password. Furthermore, you can also perform IP traces if the information you have is inconclusive. This protocol should be activated whenever you have obvious problems or suspicions.

Of course, when implementing a traceability protocol, you have to make sure that you do not violate any legal requirements.

Introduce un sistema de trazabilidad en la gestión de los datos.

5. Use a good antivirus

Antivirus is a basic requirement, even for a user; even more so for professionals. The idea is to look for a product that is state-of-the-art and that it performs routine scans, beyond blocking threats.

After all, the more potential vulnerabilities there are, the more important it is for the antivirus to respond. In these cases, it is recommended that you pay an annual subscription and check the level of service provided each year. Ultimately, it is about providing you with a useful tool against threats.

Utiliza un buen antivirus

6. Browse only on websites with SSL certificate

Security also goes to websites with a security certificate. It is essential that you reject browsing on websites without the SSL certificate. This element is easily distinguishable through a padlock on the navigation bar. The reason? That the possibilities of phishing or malware multiply, with the consequent risk for your databases. Although it is an easy action to take, we often get distracted and take risks.

Navega solo en webs con el certificado SSL

7. Update whenever appropriate

Updating software is essential because failure to do so opens the door to attacks. Vulnerabilities are often related to the lack of up-to-date software, which facilitates attacks. That is why hackers are waiting for you to offer them a hole through which to enter your system and make things complicated for you. Consequently, it is advisable to include updates in your ERP or operating system when they are due.

We also provide you with this guide with all the aspects to take into account when choosing the best software for your company, as this will set a before and after in your company's management.

Actualiza siempre que corresponda

8. Commitment to cloud storage

Cloud storage is an option to increase security in data storage. And this is due to two main reasons.

The first thing to consider is that cloud storage avoids the risk of physical attacks.Moreover, the very philosophy of this type storage ensures that only those who need to access the database are able to do so. And it is worth noting that both elements are interrelated. Therefore, perhaps this is a good time to rethink your storage policy to minimise risks.

We no longer talk about the obvious advantages in terms of intensive data use. If you are looking for security, working in the cloud is a good option.

Apuesta por el almacenamiento cloud


Data security and digitalisation is easier if you work with good tools and with proper planning. SAP Business One solutions will make your work easier, regardless of the activity sector. Contact us for more information on the different possibilities tailored to your company!

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