November 29, 2022

E-commerce for SMEs - The importance of selling online with SAP Business One

The importance of selling online is key, and with it, so is using the right software to attract and manage customers. Discover the keys you need to sell more online with SAP Business One.

Why selling online is essential

There's no denying that online sales are increasing, even leading the way in certain sectors. For example, in Spain 76% of Internet users in 2021 shopped online on a regular basis. And in fact, there has been an increase of 15% in e-commerce users compared to the previous year.

Another important factor is that Google is the main search engine used (92% of global users). This increases the number of people who check the search engine to make their purchases. There is also a growing concern over the logistics chain in an effort to make the shopping experience more satisfactory.

So it's not just about being online, but being properly positioned. There is a considerable opportunity cost from not having an online presence, but also from offering an unsatisfactory shopping experience, from missed delivery deadlines or from unresolved incidents along the way.

Today, improving your digital presence in every sense is essential for all companies. Also because the online channel's gains are the offline channel's loses. If you haven't transitioned into the digital channel yet or you don't use a commerce platform like LogiCommerce, now is the time.


The importance of selling online with LogiCommerce, compatible with SAP Business One

Having an e-commerce platform is essential to being successful in this channel. In this regard, the LogiCommerce e-commerce platform is the perfect option, since it can also be integrated with SAP Business One.

What are the advantages of working with the two solutions together? We can highlight the following cases that will undoubtedly make a difference:

1. Sales will increase

Increased sales is one of the advantages of using an e-commerce platform with your ERP software.

Why? There are many reasons. First, it is an e-commerce platform that offers a reliable infrastructure to customers, who can track their orders and report problems. The company can also leverage this ability to provide solutions and improve customer service. Last, but not least, information will be processed to know what to offer and to whom.

In short, using these combined solutions is key to selling more.

2. Greater flexibility

Flexibility is another high point of working with these software solutions, since cloud systems provide new options.

For example, you can work from your desktop computer in your office, but also from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This ability to work in hybrid environments lets you respond quickly to the different situations that can come up. You can also do a quick check of LogiCommerce to confirm that all the orders and payments are correct.

Using LogiCommerce integrated with SAP Business One is synonymous with flexibility, which is another notable factor.

3. Cost reduction

Cost reduction is an important reason to purchase these combined solutions.

The first thing to remember is that they make it possible to optimise the use of the labour input. It does so by making the commute unnecessary, which is something to be thankful for. And in some cases, it will be possible to reduce the labour input, since you will need fewer people to do the same functions.

Secondly, the cost reduction also comes from reduced manual activities, which are now automated. You will thus do more in less time and at a lower cost. Inevitably, this means being able to do an activity with higher profits for a lower price.

Nowadays, if you want to improve in terms of competitiveness, lowering costs is essential. And that's what this software provides.

4. Better customer management

Customer management is optimised if you use CRM software. This SAP Business One module is especially useful for improving your relationship with customers so they create more value.

First, you know their purchasing history, which gives you information about their preferences, average ticket and when they buy. Secondly, this will help you tailor your products to your customers, increasing the likelihood of a conversion. Finally, you will optimise your efforts and be able to focus your strategy on those customers who provide value.

Customer management results in higher sales, but also in better customer service, letting you offer them what they need at any given time.


What are you waiting for? Get your LogiCommerce SAP Business One solution now!

One of the great advantages of LogiCommerce is that you can integrate it with third-party applications and systems, and of course, with SAP Business One as well. For example, you can do this easily with Trilogi. This way, you will receive information directly about the customer through a single interface, you can interpret the SAP data in order to create different types of products and automatically sync all the order data.

SEIDOR One offers personalised advisory services so you can use the ERP software that is best suited to your company, taking into account the growing importance of online sales. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn about our solutions!


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