June 14, 2023

[Full guide] Pricing and licenses for SAP Business One

Escucha el audiopost y descubre qué precios y licencias tiene SAP Business One

[Guía completa] Precio y licencias de SAP Business One


SAP Business One is the winning choice in the world of ERP for SMEs. Hundreds of customers have already made the leap to greater productivity and improved competitiveness in the current market thanks to this solution. However, while many managers and owners have heard of SAP Business One, the pricing of SAP Business One is a topic they are not aware of because it is not discussed as often.

At SEIDOR, we want to be transparent with you. That is why we have prepared this guide on the pricing of SAP Business One, the different modalities available, and everything that includes. Keep reading until the end of this guide to find out exactly what budget you should allocate to this tool if you are looking to take your SME to the next level.

SAP Business One: Pricing and licenses available

There is no single way to integrate SAP Business One into a business. In fact, this is such a complete application that it is necessary to analyse the needs of each organisation in order to implement it in the very best way. As such, there are different types of licenses available that obviously differ in price and characteristics.

Below, we review all the formats of SAP Business One available, the price of each and the most important aspects you need to take into consideration when making a choice.

Purchase of Licence (perpetual licence)

SAP Business One offers a licence purchase option that allows companies to acquire the software through one single payment. However, it is important to take into account that this purchase does not include annual maintenance, which is necessary to obtain error corrections, software updates and patches.

There are three types of SAP Business One licences for purchase:

  • Professional Licence. Price: €2,700 per user. Unlimited access to all SAP Business One functionalities. Covers all possible areas.
  • Limited Licence. Price: €1,400 per user. Limited access to specific areas of the software. Ideal for employees who require specific functions, such as financial accounting or inventory management.
  • Starter Licence. Price: €1,140 per user. Licence for small companies. This package is limited to five users at most. It includes essential features such as accounting, sales orders, item management and purchases. It cannot be combined with users with professional or limited licences, although an upgrade can be purchased if the organisation's needs grow above the five user maximum.

The platform is scalable. This means that it is possible to update licences at any time.


Subscription model (SAP Business One Cloud, partner hosted option)

SAP Business One also offers a subscription model that is paid monthly based on the licence purchase level: Professional, Limited or Starter. In this case, annual maintenance is included in the subscription fee. The minimum duration of the subscription contracts is three years.

The functionality of the user types in the subscription model follows the scheme of the purchase mode:

  • Professional Licence. Price: €91 per user per month.
  • Limited Licence. Price: €47 per user per month.
  • Starter Licence. Price: €38 per user per month

Why choose SAP Business One?

As mentioned above, SAP Business One is the leader in business software for SMEs. It has achieved this position by offering features and functionalities that differentiate it from its competitors.

Firstly, the leading ERP solution has the advantage of allowing your company to receive continuous updates, as well as the security of having a very large community of more than 70,000 companies behind it. At this point, it is also important to find a reliable SAP provider for subsequent support and assistance.

Such a comprehensive solution also gives SAP Business One a strong international component. This product has 50 different official locations. Multilingual and multicurrency, it is available in 28 languages and adapts to different language versions in a single country.

The versatility of the solution is also notable in the multitude of modules it offers. The solution was developed with the aim of comprehensively covering all areas and activities of an SME, taking into account the particularities of the business depending on the sector in which it operates. Companies in sectors such as Agro, Food, Industry, Distribution and Services enjoy the benefits of having SAP Business One in their business.

It also stands out for its great capacity to integrate with all kinds of tools, which provides greater versatility and unifies a company's work method. It is designed to be fully scalable and thus to adapt to any future change or need. The suite has an SDK and an API that allows hundreds of customisations to be implemented.

The importance of the partner in the implementation process

Now that you know about the pricing and features of SAP Business One, you should also know that it is crucial that you choose your technology partner correctly for its implementation. This partner will adapt the software to the particular characteristics of the business and guarantees the optimal functioning of the tool, as well as implementing updates and subsequent support.

The partner identifies the needs and objectives together with the customer, and studies how the software will meet them. After this, the partner takes responsibility for planning and implementation. Support is very important throughout this process and for aspects such as the adoption and training of the tool.

At SEIDOR, we are Platinum partner of SAP. Our SEIDOR One division is made up of a team of experts in SAP Business One implementations in SMEs. Contact us if you would like more information on price, functionalities, the ERP implementation process or any other aspect.


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