Cómo encontrar un proveedor SAP

November 04, 2022

How to find an SAP vendor

Having a reliable ERP solution is essential for SMEs. The way this type of software manages processes improves productivity and maximises the optimisation of every operation. It is here that SAP Business One, the market's leading solution, comes into play. More and more businesses are implementing an ERP and, specifically, SAP. But a harder question to answer is how to find an SAP vendor. This is where things get complicated.

In this article, we will explain why it is important to choose the right SAP vendor. We also analyse the requirements the vendor must meet to fully satisfy your company's requirements. Do you want to know how to find an SAP vendor? Read on and we'll explain it to you.

Why is it essential to find a competent SAP vendor?

In a way, you could say this article revolves around three main issues. Two of which are as follows:

  • Does your company need an ERP? Yes, to maximise the return on each and every one of your processes.
  • Is the SAP Business One solution the best? Without a doubt. It's the most complete option, the one that's best suited to all types of businesses.

However, what about the vendor? How can you find the best one? This is a question that worries many managers whose sole intention is to locate a good partner to help them gain time, not lose it.

The SAP vendor is the entity that works hand in hand with your company to implement SAP solutions in the most convenient way. Only by relying on a valid partner will your SME be able to leverage the full potential of these software solutions.

It's worth remembering that an ERP handles all kinds of critical data. Similarly, processes are optimised only if the software works stably at all times. Many claim to be experts in SAP, but their claims don't always match reality. In light of all this, it's obvious that finding a partner that is available 24/7 is absolutely essential.

¿Por qué es fundamental encontrar un proveedor SAP competente?

Factors you have to take into account to find a SAP vendor

By now, you're probably wondering what factors you need to consider to find a reliable SAP vendor. Let's look at the most relevant ones.

Certifications received

An SAP vendor must have certifications that validate its know-how. This is the only way to guarantee that the vendor is a partner that can satisfy your business requirements. We recommend that, before signing the agreement, you verify this aspect to be sure that the vendor will perform its functions perfectly.

What others think

When it comes to closing a deal, there's nothing better than references from other companies to confirm that a vendor is reliable. Is it a partner that is there at critical times? Does it really have the know-how it advertises? How does it interact with the companies it works with? Only those who have already worked with your future vendor will be able to answer that. Get as many answers as you can by contacting other customers of the SAP consultancy.



Get details on their experience implementing SAP Business One in the company.

Experience is crucial

Going with a new company in the SAP ecosystem has its risks. In general, experience and knowledge go hand in hand. If the vendor proves it knows what it is talking about and knows all of SAP's products, not just the one that interests your SME, this is proof of their track record.

Technologies offered

Working in the cloud has many benefits for SMEs and large corporations. Remote work lets you respond quickly to any problem, make quick decisions and control processes from anywhere. Solutions such as SAP Business One can even be accessed from mobile devices.

Unfortunately, some supposedly expert vendors do not have the right know-how to set up a solution of these characteristics in the cloud. Others aren't direct about the added costs of the infrastructure or the methods used to provide a competent technical service. It's best to choose the SAP consultant that can answer all your questions, speak clearly about costs and the technology it offers.

Tecnologías ofrecidas

Ability to implement real solutions

The effectiveness of SAP tools is well-established. But that doesn't mean they have no limits. As with any other computer program, there are things it can't do. Relying on a vendor that promises to implement whatever as long as you sign a contract is a serious mistake. What you should expect from a serious partner is advice and reliable alternatives when something is not feasible.

A great team to respond when it matters

The size of the vendor is also a key factor. This doesn't mean a small consultancy firm can't provide an excellent service. However, it is worth remembering that some of them fall into the trap of serving more and more customers to maximise their profits without growing their infrastructure enough. To make the right choice, the main thing to focus on is not so much the size of the SAP vendor, but rather its actual capacity to attend to your business when you need it to.

SAP Business One, together with SEIDOR, are a winning team

SAP Business One can do a lot for your company. Its technology lets you access your company's data at any time, make faster decisions and extract detailed analyses of each process so you can optimise it. But, as we have analysed in this article, getting the most from this software requires having a reliable vendor by your side.

At SEIDOR, we are leaders in implementing SAP Business One in all types of companies. Our team of experts advise you to make sure that the entire process is executed accurately. Make your SME jump to the next level. It's time for efficiency and profitability!


SAP Business One

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