Mejora la productividad de tu empresa con la firma electrónica y SAP Business One

January 21, 2021

Improve your company's productivity with e-signature and SAP Business One

As a company moves forward, it is essential to get the decisions right. This can be achieved with an ERP system with a solid foundation. SAP Business One is an ideal software system for small and midsize businesses that includes integrated management features such as financials, sales management, CRM, inventory management, production, reporting and more.

Thanks to the integration of Validated ID's electronic signatures with SAP Business One, it is possible to manage the sending of documents to be signed without leaving the solution, making this ERP a compact service from which to speed up transactions.

This system will improve the experience of its employees and customers and increase the productivity of SAP Business One by ensuring the signature of its documents integrated with its solution. With Validated ID's e-signature integration with SAP Business One, you can manage processes from anywhere - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - and at lower costs.

Optimising procurement management

SAP Business One enables the management of all information on customers and potential customers, and can send to sign documentation using SAP data masters to collect the information necessary to invoke the signature process: email addresses and profiles of employees, customers, suppliers and contacts.

Many documents that are managed daily from SAP Business One, such as contract approvals and adjustments, payment approvals and contracts with suppliers, sales and service, quotations, invoices and orders benefit from the integration of the electronic signatures of VIDsigner with SAP.

Securely managing processes requiring approval

You will easily control and manage the processes that require an electronic signature, with a legally secure solution and in compliance with the most demanding standards of robustness.

Through an intelligent integration, such as VIDsigner with SAP, it is possible to globally monitor the signature process and to automate the complete delivery, from issuing, signature collection and custody, of essential documentation for Sales processes (offers, account openings, SEPA, confidentiality contracts, tariff changes or price lists), Procurement or Inventory Management, as well as CRM or customer management.

Benefits of integrating VIDsigner with SAP Business One

  • No additional training or change management required -
  • More legal robustness and possibilities of use, as it offers a wide range of signature types.
  • It closes the digital divide between contract creation and storage with a great user experience and execution speed
  • It solves the custody of documents with the ERP's own document management automatically.
  • It uses SAP data masters to collect the information necessary to invoke the signature process and monitors the signature process through the ERP itself: employees, documents, customers, suppliers and contacts.
  • It automates the entire shipment, performing the issuance, signatures and custody in an unattended way.
  • PUSH notification to the applicant of the signature process.
  • Configuration of signature scenarios by SAP business object.
  • Detailed logging of the process from SAP.
  • Access control by SAP authorisations and roles.
  • Save time in searches and sorting, eliminate paper use and free up physical space.

Added value of the VIDsigner digital signatures integrated with SAP

Valor añadido de las firmas digitales VIDsigner integradas con SAP

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