July 20, 2023

Optimise label management with SAP Business One

Escucha el audiopost y descubre cómo optimizar la gestión de etiquetaje con SAP Business One

Optimiza la gestión de etiquetaje con SAP Business One


Today, achieving maximum efficiency in label management has become a priority for many companies, since it is a key aspect of the process to achieve supply chain optimisation. It is clear that this factor poses a number of challenges that must be overcome. We will talk about them in this analysis.

With its powerful inventory management and product tracking capabilities, SAP Business One simplifies label management, improving accuracy and operational efficiency. Find out how this solution can help your company streamline and perfect label management.

Challenges of label management in companies

Label management is complex. In fact, companies face many challenges related to this aspect of their business, including the following:

  • Monitoring. It is necessary to track and document the flow of products throughout the supply chain, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. The lack of an efficient solution can lead to errors, wasted time and additional costs.
  • Regulatory complexity. Another challenge is compliance with a variety of regulations and legal requirements related to product labelling, such as mandatory information, warnings and specific declarations. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in fines and penalties.
  • Costs. Companies face expenses associated with printing, design, review and application of labels on their products. Moreover, errors and the consequent repetition of a task generate additional costs.
  • Labelling errors. Common failures in labelling management include the inclusion of incorrect information, printing errors or misplaced labels. These are mistakes that cause customer confusion and a loss of brand reputation, loss of trust or even legal problems.

You may have seen some of these problems in your company. So what's the best solution in this case? Next, we talk about a platform that allows you to perfect these processes and many others within your business.



Managed to have full control of its products and distribution thanks to SAP Business One

Label management with SAP Business One

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a comprehensive software solution for business management. It unifies, manages and automates the key processes of an organisation. It also provides an overview of business operations, including areas such as finance, purchases, inventory, production, sales and human resources. With this type of application, companies centralise information, optimise processes, streamline decision-making and, in general, make their business more profitable.

There are many options available on the ERP market. However, SAP Business One is the most comprehensive ERP for SMEs. It has countless modules that allow it to adapt to any business model, regardless of the size or the sector.

If we look at the issue that concerns us here, label management, SAP Business One improves four key aspects. Let's take a closer look at them.


The automation capacity speeds up the generation of labels. Consider the following practical example. Using predefined rules, the system can automatically assign the barcode corresponding to a product according to its category and characteristics. This saves time and reduces errors, improving efficiency and precision in labelling. In addition, integration with scanning devices facilitates the quick and accurate reading of labels.


With an ERP system, all the information related to labelling, such as label designs, regulatory requirements and product data, is stored in a single database. This provides great benefits for companies, as it guarantees the integrity of data, improves accessibility to information from different departments and helps to ensure that decision-making is based on up-to-date data.



The integration of other systems and tools, such as printers, is another major advantage of SAP Business One and ERP systems in label management. These systems can be integrated with specialised devices for creating labels, avoiding the need to carry out manual or external processes. Similarly, integration with inventory or barcode scanning systems allows for smooth data synchronisation.


Thanks to the proper labelling of products, it is possible to track and document the flow of goods throughout the supply chain. From the moment of production to the final customer delivery, each stage can be monitored and recorded by reading the barcodes. This not only guarantees compliance with rules and regulations, but also enables efficient inventory management, error reduction and a faster response to any problem.

Implement the best labelling management with SEIDOR

In conclusion, SAP Business One, as the leading ERP system, offers numerous advantages in label management. However, despite the potential this platform has for your company, there is one thing that we must not forget. We are referring to the implementation, which must be customised for each business. The aim is to ensure that the platform adapts to the needs of the company and correctly assimilates each workflow. How is this achieved?

The solution is to have a reliable SAP implementation partner like SEIDOR. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of technology consulting and SAP digital solutions. We have been helping all kinds of businesses to be more productive for over four decades. We provide you with the support needed to make the most of SAP Business One's capabilities in label management and other aspects of your company. Contact us now!


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