September 14, 2023

SAP Business One ERP cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity with SAP Business One, the leading ERP for SMEs


Cybersecurity is an increasingly necessary discipline within companies, including SMEs. But what are the challenges facing this type of business with regard to cybersecurity? Why is it so important to implement efficient cybersecurity policies? What fundamental role does an ERP like SAP Business One play in this regard?

All these questions are answered in the following paragraphs. We recommend you keep reading to the end to find out which software your company needs to keep critical data safe from cybercrime, while improving your productivity and profitability.

Is cybersecurity so crucial for SMEs?

Cybersecurity is now of vital importance for SMEs. Although directors of smaller companies may think they are not an attractive target for cyberattacks, the reality is that they are at risk. Cybercriminals see SMEs as easy targets, as they often lack effective security measures.

A cyberattack may have devastating consequences, including loss of confidential data, interruption of commercial operations and a decline in customer confidence. SMEs can also face legal sanctions and serious damage to their brand image. Investing in cybersecurity protects digital assets and business information, and also prevents a business from being out of operation.

How can we improve cybersecurity in business environments? A good way to start is to implement basic measures, such as firewalls, antivirus software, system updates and employee training. Another way of achieving this is to use highly secure software to manage critical processes and data. This is what hundreds of companies have done by implementing SAP Business One, an ERP that includes the most effective protection measures to date.

Most common cybersecurity challenges for SMEs

There is no doubt that cybersecurity is important for companies, and also for SMEs. However, these small organisations sometimes find it difficult to ensure they have installed the most up-to-date cybersecurity measures. What challenges do they face?

These are the most notable challenges:

  • Maintain a high degree of protection. This is the main challenge facing SMEs in terms of cybersecurity. These types of organisations are often attractive targets for cyberattacks because they use basic protection systems.
  • Data accountability. Keeping critical data entails a high degree of accountability. Therefore, SMEs must ensure that customer data and internal information are stored and handled securely, in compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.
  • Constantly updated systems. Companies that don't regularly update systems and software are easy targets. Gaps in security can be avoided by always using cutting-edge tools.
  • Training staff. Social engineering will not be a problem if employees are up-to-date with cybercriminals' tactics. Not surprisingly, a lack of understanding about cybersecurity best practices can increase the risk of attacks. Regular training and awareness sessions are essential
  • Investment in cybersecurity. SMEs often have budget constraints on investing in advanced protection solutions. Finding effective but affordable solutions is a real challenge.

Cybersecurity with SAP Business One, the leading ERP for SMEs

SAP Business One is the preferred ERP for SMEs. It has features that boost productivity and improve efficiency within the company. For example, it places all processes on a single platform, which improves cooperation between departments and access to data.

SAP Business One can provide your company with the most generic tools; however, this software also has plenty to offer in terms of cybersecurity. Do you know what its strengths are? Let's look at four of the attributes of this ERP that protect your business.



Thanks to SAP Business One, they have a robust, secure and comprehensive system to perform all their processes.

Encryption protocols

SAP Business One and cybersecurity are synonymous. This software uses high-security encryption protocols to protect sensitive information in transit and while it is stored. It uses robust cryptographic algorithms to encrypt data, which ensures that only authorised recipients can access it. This security layer significantly reduces the risk of interception and unauthorised access by cybercriminals.

Secure authentication in the event of attacks

SAP Business One also uses multifactor authentication (MFA) to verify users' identities. This involves a login process that requires more than one verification method, such as passwords in conjunction with unique codes sent to personal devices.

Ongoing development

SAP Business One is an evolving software. This means that it is continually being developed and that it has a rigorous security update policy. It regularly issues patches and updates to address known vulnerabilities and strengthen defences against emerging threats. This ensures that the ERP is up to date with the latest security solutions.

Data backup and recovery features

SAP Business One excels at protecting critical data. And it does so in various ways. For example, it offers advanced backup and recovery features, which allow companies to create regular security copies of their data and settings. If there is a problem, restoring the information is very simple.

Benefits of SAP Business One for cybersecurity

SAP Business One is cybersecurity for SMEs. Its powerful protection technology, which consists of various protocols, keeps business information safe by guaranteeing confidentiality and preventing unauthorised access.

It anticipates threats and uses advanced encryption protocols and strong authentication to reinforce access security. Furthermore, if an attack occurs, its rapid response capacity minimises the impact. With this versatile platform, you get the tools your company needs to stand out from your competitors, while ensuring that you have a robust and reliable digital environment, without making the most common cybersecurity mistakes. This software has everything your company needs.

Despite its benefits, remember that you can only make the most of SAP Business One's cybersecurity features if it is appropriately implemented and tailored to your organisation's needs. In this regard, SEIDOR is the partner you need to enhance your business. It takes keeping your data protected and efficiency to the next level within your company. Let our advisers help you take advantage of the leading SME resource management platform. Get in touch now!


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