December 01, 2021

What are reports for in an ERP system?

Reports in an ERP system have many useful practical applications. Would you like more information? This entry provides you with more information.

The usefulness of using reports in an ERP system

Reports in an ERP system have several practical uses that you should be aware of. You can usually view reports in circular charts, bars or in a list. Consequently, this is extremely useful information in visual terms and facilitates understanding.

It should be noted that, in the age of Big Data, these reports become essential. Most importantly, the aim is also to reduce waiting times, because generation in ERP is automatic. In short, reports are essential documents to ensure that you remain competitive. In addition, depending on the case, you will have access to sectoral modalities that will expand the available data.

ERPs often automatically generate these reports on request, so it is not difficult to access this data. In addition, it should be noted that there are several types of reports depending on what you need. They are the following:

Purchasing report

The purchasing report is interesting for you to keep track of what you buy, in what quantity and in a certain period of time. You must keep in mind that all of these details are essential for your expenses to be adapted to what you need. Moreover, it is worth noting that these calculations can also be made in terms of months or over a longer period.

Informe de compras

Sales report

Sales reports provide data on the total amount sold during a certain period of time. This information is essential for any business, so it is not surprising that almost all users use this document as a basic reference.

Informe de ventas

Best-selling product report

The best-selling product report is another reference document. Firstly, because it provides a very useful breakdown. On the other hand, because it allows us to know which products sell the most; Pareto's Law establishes that 20% of products generate 80% of sales.

Another important aspect of sales is the evolution from one month to the next. And this has to do, for example, with month-to-month sales. It is not only a question of which products or articles sell the most, but also of how they evolve from one month to the next. For example, home garden supplies sell much more in spring-summer than in autumn-winter.

This applies to products, but you can also apply it to service companies when we refer to customers. Consequently, this also becomes basic information.

Informe de productos más vendidos

Sales report by region

Sales can be regionalised, either by municipalities, provinces, Autonomous Communities or countries. This data is essential, for example, when your company's activity is not focused on a single location. And it goes without saying that, in order to be more efficient, this information helps because you can better focus on the areas where you make money.

These data is also related to the time of the year. For example, a multinational ice cream company will sell more in the southern hemisphere in December than it will in the northern hemisphere. Consequently, this is another crucial piece of information.

Informe de ventas por territorios

Income and expenses report

The income and expenses report is a general information that allows you to know what your company's status is in a certain period of time. And, although it is necessary to go into more detail later, it does not hurt to have this basic picture. As in other cases, this is useful in different time periods.

Generally, the aim is to go from the macro to the micro. It is worthwhile to have a detailed picture of the state of the accounts, but a first overview simplifies matters. Consequently, it is worth bearing this in mind.

The idea, in short, is that you know what your company's gross profit status is. It is therefore worth having this data to make decisions in the short, medium and long term.

Informe de gastos e ingresos

Manufacturing report

Manufacturing reports are a specific document for companies engaged in industrial activities. In this case, importance is given to the product units produced, focusing on the productivity variable. Generally, this comparison is also made taking into account different time frames.

Another relevant aspect is that the information is also useful in other sectors. For example, if you want to know how many defective units you generate. It should be noted that productivity also has to do with this issue.

Finally, you should know that these reports are also useful to know the status of production orders. This ultimately helps us to know how fast the processes are.

Informe de fabricación

Stock reports

Stock reports are essential for companies involved in distribution or marketing to the end customer. The state of your stock is not only useful for the short term, but also to make a comparison of what is the usual state of your stock. In short, this is a good way to optimise the management of your warehouses.

Informes de existencias

Can ERP reports be found in all sectors of activity?

The truth is that reports in ERP are found in all types of companies. That is why SAP Business One offers this possibility and facilitates the work.

What is happening? That in some sectors you will find default reports that do not exist in others. This is the case, for example, of industrial companies, which will include manufacturing reports. However, in a distribution and retail company, this data is not necessary because they do not exist; stock data will be important here.

Therefore, when you choose the ERP that interests you most, you have to ask these questions. This is the way to avoid future problems.


Reports in an ERP system are useful for several reasons. And, therefore, it is not surprising that this data is necessary for your daily life. SEIDOR's various solutions can generate these reports automatically and allow authorised persons to manage them. Contact us if you want to know more about the available options!

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