¿Qué es un software de gestión? Tipos y Ventajas

January 28, 2022

What is management software? Types and Advantages

Management software is one of today's most interesting tools and one of those that are bringing about the so-called digital revolution: A new way not only of working, but also of understanding the transmission of information and, with it, the way of understanding the world. For this reason, at SEIDOR we want to talk more about what we are part of with our management software for companies

What is management software?

Software gestión

Management software is a tool with which it is possible to plan, organise, manage and automate numerous administrative tasks (or another type, depending on the management software in question) in order to make our company and any of its operations more efficient.

It is therefore a tool with which it is possible to obtain information on the environment and on each of the processes included in a company's value chain. This, of course, results in a series of advantages that we will discuss later.

Although little by little and thanks to the progressive knowledge that users are gaining about them, this prejudice is gradually disappearing, it has often been thought that management software is only a tool for large companies: Nothing could be further from the truth. They are also highly valuable for SMEs.

In general, we can define management software as a necessary tool for any company today. Once upon a time it was an interesting option to get ahead of the times: Currently, management software is a necessary tool for any company that wants to continue surviving in an increasingly digital environment.

What are the advantages of implementing management software?


In SEIDOR we want to talk now about some of the advantages that a business can have to implement management software. However, before detailing them, one point must be made clear: Implementing software of this type always requires time and preparation work in order to properly integrate it into the company and to be able to get the most out of it.

One of the features of this type of software is that it is modular: This means that they can be made up through modules, which allow us to include one or the other option according to the specific characteristics of the business.

With this, we must understand that precisely because of the great adaptability that this type of software has, it is possible to obtain a customised tool for our business. However, for the same reason we must introduce it correctly in order to get the most out of it in terms of efficiency and to be able to maximise its benefits. We will now discuss what these advantages are.

1 .- Enables control of all processes

One of the greatest advantages that management software provides is to have control over each of our company's processes. This, on the one hand, allows us to know how each of them is behaving in order to manage them.

However, it has another very important feature, which is precisely that we will be able to obtain very valuable information about its functioning, errors and points to optimise. It is therefore a tool that is designed to continuously improve each process.

2.- Cost reduction

Of course, one of the most obvious outcomes of the previous point is cost reduction. Due to having greater and better control over processes, it is possible to eliminate superfluous costs or costs arising from defective processes. In short, to become a much more competitive company precisely by being able to maximise our resources as much as possible.

In this way, thanks to the integration of processes between the company's departments, we will be able to achieve greater coordination and automation of all processes. This is achieved thanks to the Internet of Things: Another key tool that allows the different areas to be interconnected so that they work in coordination. In short, this results in a greater capacity to operate with a lower amount of resources.

3 .- Integration with other tangential partners

Another remarkable aspect of the advantages of a management software is that it also implements coordination with customers and suppliers. It is possible to optimise all our company's operations to ensure that there is the maximum level of integration with them. An aspect that improves the quality of the service we offer our customers and, in the case of suppliers, our own efficiency and theirs.7

4 .- Time saving

One of the most notable benefits of process automation with management software is time saving. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to gain time by automating a large part of the tasks and save time for other tasks directly related to our business' efficiency and competitiveness.

Types of management software

Tipos software

Next, we will discuss the most common types of management software. Together with their modularity, the specific types ensure that we obtain a tool that is ideal for our company and its own characteristics.

1 .- Management software for distribution companies

Software for management companies is one of the most useful in being able to coordinate a sector that is characterised by the great complexity of its operational levels. From logistics management to document management, it is possible to obtain reports and analyses to improve efficiency.

2 .- For production industries

This type of software is focused on production activities. Specifically, to a company's value chain; It is possible to plan and automate all processes related to material transactions and production orders: From the time of ordering from the supplier to the delivery to customers.

3 .- Textile Sector

Undoubtedly, one of the sectors that has benefited the most from management software is the textile industry: In particular, at SEIDOR we offer vertical software to manage the wide and complex catalogue of sizes, colours and models. Naturally, it is also possible to manage and control the ordering process.

For retailers, there is also retail management software that we encourage you to discover.

4.- Food and beverage sector

In this case, it is software to plan all in-plant processes related to the production of food and beverages. A sector that specifically needs warehouse stock control, as well as real access to information about stock, customers and sales in order to optimise deadlines as much as possible. Software that makes it possible to implement inventory management systems as efficient as JIT (just in time).

5 .- Services Sector

The last management software we want to talk about is related to any company dedicated to services. In particular, it offers a solution to improve sales and customer satisfaction by coordinating all processes.

We hope this information helps you to understand the importance of management software. At SEIDOR we are at the forefront, always offering solutions adapted to your company and deadlines. Test the efficiency of our solutions for yourself.

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