¿Por qué elegir un sistema ERP de pago para PYMES?

September 13, 2022

Why choose an ERP payment system for SMEs?

The use of an ERP payment system provides many advantages for companies in general, and for SMEs in particular. In this article we will show you the 4 benefits of an ERP payment system for the most important SMEs.

What are the advantages of an ERP payment system for SMEs?

Firstly, bear in mind that the adoption of new technologies is a one-way street. Or, in other words, once a software is introduced, there is no return to manual mode.

That said, it is important to determine if an ERP system provides all the benefits you need. In this case, we want to highlight the benefits offered by ERP payment systems in SMEs by emphasising the value that investing in a payment software with all the necessary features provides for a better, more complete service.

Furthermore, it should be noted that ERP solutions can and should be scalable. In the end, companies are not unlike living organisms in that they must change and grow. Therefore, such an option may be appealing to you because it offers scalability for different situations and growth.

These are the differentiating characteristics of ERP payment systems when compared to free ERP:

1. Guaranteed to be up-to-date

One of the advantages of an ERP payment system is that is guaranteed to stay up to date. All you need to do is connect to the data centre to download the necessary updates at any given time. It should be noted that this is one of the additional services included when you pay for the licence.

This point is crucial, because, in addition to receiving continuous improvements and having the latest features and versions, you will bolster the security of your systems by preventing possible computer attacks.

2. Adaptability to your company's needs

Adaptability is one of the advantages that an ERP payment system has over other free options. And this can be achieved in two ways:

Firstly, adaptability refers to the various options available for different types of companies. Clearly, a manufacturing company is not the same as a distribution company, and there are specific modules for each case. We recommend having an ERP system that meets your company's needs.

Furthermore, it should be noted that an ERP system adapts to different sizes of companies. There are specific solutions for SMEs and micro-enterprises, and others for companies of a certain size. In short, it is about is avoiding underutilisation and optimising the use of resources.

Adaptabilidad a las necesidades de tu empresa

3. Option of purchasing new features

Purchasing new features is another unique aspect of ERP systems, as it is possible to purchase new modules according to specific needs. Simply pay for the new module, and the information will be added to what you already have, so you won't waste time or duplicate efforts.

There is no doubt that this factor provides significant flexibility. It is a way of responding to new needs by providing scalability to achieve your professional goals.

4. All services included

ERPs, when they have a payment program, include all services. Here, we want to highlight hosting, which allows you to store the software information. This feature prevents dreaded crashes, which are a major problem for the company's business and security.

Meanwhile, there are other services that are included in certain packs, such as technical or implementation support.


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The disadvantages of free ERP systems

Although it is common to use a free ERP system, there are a series of disadvantages worth considering. Remember that, to be considered free, the ERP must be open source. The most important disadvantages to keep in mind are the following:

1. Non-guaranteed updates

Free ERP systems generally do not include updates. Therefore, you will have to worry about finding the latest version and then downloading the update. This increases your chances of security problems.

It should be remembered that, in a computerised and automated environment, security threats can cause multiple serious problems in companies. As a result, the risk of not updating is high.

2. Basic features

Free ERP systems usually include basic features. The reason is simple; they are designed for a broad spectrum of SMEs, meaning that they cannot incorporate specific features, something that limits them.
A free ERP can generally work for self-employed workers or certain micro-enterprises without a certain degree of specialisation.

funcionalidades básicas

3. Generic features

Free ERP systems usually have generic features. This means that they are not customised for certain types of companies. In practice, you may lack a specific module for production (in industrial companies), leaving you unable to cover this need. In other words, there is no room for verticalisation.
It is important to remember that an SME is not synonymous with simplicity. There are sectors that require complexity and specific modules to effectively manage them.

4. Non-optimum quality

The quality of a free ERP system is not optimum for two reasons. Firstly, because it is an open source software, it is designed for different individuals or companies to make their own modifications. Secondly, there is no company behind it to guarantee improvements.
There is no doubt that this type of model is not interesting for an SME if what it wants is guaranteed use.

Which ERP payment software should you choose?

The SAP Business One ERP payment system comes highly recommended when you want to improve your corporate operations and profitability. At SEIDOR One we have several ERP solutions for companies from multiple sectors, from agri-food to aeronautics and retail. Contact us to find out more!


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