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December 21, 2022

Any company can become a blue organisation

As difficult as it may seem, now is the time to take a step forward. The volatile nature of our environment, where the economic and social context is ever-changing and future prospects are marked by innovation, sustainability, technology and legal security, forces us to think about arming ourselves differently. This environment affects companies of all sizes and in all sectors; which is why we must react appropriately. To survive in this scenario, we need to be different and act differently, work with strong leadership, be able to escape complexities, discover and learn to take advantage, and finally understand that simplicity can be the path to perfection.

"Understanding and practising simplicity takes you one step closer to becoming a blue organisation"

Being blue is an imperative for leaders of the current era. These 8 competences form a transformation framework that can help any organisation to move towards maximum competitiveness. This framework sets the benchmark for time management, leaving that which is unnecessary, superfluous and sterile.

  "Evolving means being pure, authentic, curious, and ready to take advantage of what is out there"

I am aware that these processes of change are not easy; they are initiated by urgent processes, which can generate anxiety and disquiet. This is why it is essential to be prepared, and for the leaders to step up to the plate. They provide the key to achieve better results for their organisations: from people, for people.


Would you like a free assessment?

If you want to be a leader in the digital age, become a Blue Organisation. We will provide you with a free assessment so that you can successfully transform yourself.

"Leading from people and for people helps us to develop high-performing teams in our organisation"

  The changes that have occurred in recent years have demonstrated that this technological revolution requires new business models which are less focused on departmental hierarchies.  

The industrial organisation model based on the need to divide up work and standardise processes and functions has created enormous amounts of wealth; It has been a fundamental element in the formation of companies and, ultimately, in the free market economy boom. People have been collaborating in this type of organisation to create wealth so successfully, and for so long, that it has become almost unthinkable to do it any other way. However, there are other organisational models, although it can be difficult for us to imagine, which are focused less on control and more on trust

"With trust, we multiply performance threefold"

  From the privileged position we hold having interviewed more than 200 companies, we can boldly say, with conviction, that organisations need to find a balance between today and tomorrow, between continuity and change, between predictability and volatility, and between efficiency and creativity. All companies face two major challenges which will explain their behaviour. All activity within business is based on, and begins with, the detection of a business opportunity that deserves to be explored, and the subsequent exploitation of that opportunity, serving customers in a sustained manner with optimal operation.

"Finding the balance between continuity and change requires learning from inside the team"

We need to surround ourselves with positive talent, as it offers strength, speed and resistance, while distancing us from negativity, which can slow us down and lead to fatigue. Transformation is not about the offer, transformation is listening, learning and acting. Transformation is a commitment to change, and then acting to make it happen. That's our commitment, and that's our reality.

"The commitment to turn words into facts, knowing that I might make mistakes"

All companies want to change and grow, but to do so successfully the change needs to be gradual and continuous, with a clear and shared purpose. We must train our leadership styles, unlearn some of them, and work with people who are pushing alongside us, willing to take risks for us, and drive relevant change.

"Let's start the process from a critical position, being critical of everything we do helps us to think about what works best"

Our focus as executives is to focus on the client and the individual, without getting bogged down in paperwork, and bring mechanisms to the fore where we can anticipate upcoming events, reacting to them accordingly and with positive action.

Evolve or disappear: you decide

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Cara Alfonso Ramos
Alfonso Ramos
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