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May 29, 2023

Analysis of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Platforms 2023

At SEIDOR, we are aware that for many of our clients, day-to-day business does not allow them to analyse the intriguing information that emerges in the market each day. Among the most interesting analyses are Gartner's Magic Quadrants, but often, due to time constraints, people are unable to devote the necessary time to reading them.

That is why at, SEIDOR Insights, we have decided to read, analyse and create a summary for you, so that you can access the most important strategic information in a few minutes.

So, without further delay, we invite you to discover the latest trends in managed IoT connectivity platforms according to the January 2023 Gartner report. Our video analysis goes over the main findings of the Magic Quadrant, where Gartner experts assess the foremost vendors in the market. Find out which vendors are leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players in the managed IoT connectivity platform market.

To access our video analysis, just leave us your details, and we will send you a link to watch the video. Don't miss the opportunity to keep up to date with the evolution of managed IoT connectivity and meet the leading vendors in the market. Fill in the form and access the video right now!

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Cara Jose Maria
Jose Maria López
Strategic Marketing Manager en SEIDOR
April 28, 2023

SAP People 3.0 for Outsourcing Payroll and Personnel Management

Have you heard about payroll outsourcing? If you don't know what it is and why it's important, stay with us until the end. We not only solve these two issues here, but we go in depth into People 3.0. A software solution based on SAP technology essential for digitising aspects such as payroll management, Human Resources or risk prevention to improve the productivity and efficiency of your company.

April 26, 2023

We promote technological transformation and innovation in the Spanish port sector

Since 2020, we have made several strategic acquisitions — Deusto Sistemas, NTS, Impala, Opendtrends and Nubersia, among others — which have allowed us to expand our portfolio of services and consolidate our position as one of the main players in the sector.
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