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March 02, 2023

What are Salesforce modules?

Knowing how to connect with customers is key in the world of digital marketing. Salesforce is well aware of this, which is why it has an essential CRM software dedicated to properly managing all customer information. And to organise and classify data in the best possible way, it uses Salesforce tools or modules connected to the company's website, storing all the information collected in the cloud.

Salesforce allows you to work in an intuitive and easily accessible cross-platform environment. In this way, different users can connect simultaneously, making work run more smoothly and effectively.

Top Salesforce modules or clouds?

Salesforce projects are based on the optimal implementation of your business processes and avoiding unnecessary complications. This CRM is made up of several Salesforce clouds, which provide all the elements necessary to organise the day-to-day running of any company.

These individual tools are interconnected to offer a global vision and to achieve the objectives set by marketing and sales departments. The Salesforce clouds we refer to are: Salesforce Customer 360, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce Platform Cloud.

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Salesforce Customer 360

When it comes to offering personalised services to your customers, effective tools are needed to make it as easy as possible to connect with the consumer. Salesforce Customer 360 is a platform that will provide you two-way communication in each of the cycles that are part of the sales process.

This technological solution is, of course, cloud-based and its main objective is to provide unified customer experiences. Best of all, it's connected to other Salesforce modules (Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud), as well as other external applications so you have access to everything without leaving the platform.

Customer 360 has very practical tools for creating and storing customer profiles, acting as a kind of central hub for exchanging data whenever necessary.

Sales Cloud

This is a sales platform that offers exhaustive follow-up from the first contact to the final purchase process. It has different options to cover different needs. For example, you will have access to the profiles of current and potential customers so that you can contact them whenever necessary. In the same way you will be able to know the status of your sales processes or make notes on meetings.

There is also a social network for collaborators and an application for sales managers to access the platform from anywhere via their mobile device.

It is a simple mechanism that is easy to understand and which also allows you to develop reports and obtain valuable data to better understand your prospects, make decisions, enact strategies, and increase your sales possibilities.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

This platform is used to create marketing campaigns. By being connected to the sales platform, everything becomes easier and reaching potential customers becomes more feasible.

For this type of tool, Salesforce has included two possibilities: Pardot (B2B marketing) and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (B2C marketing). Indeed, the two share some similarities, except that Pardot is only for email marketing, while Marketing Cloud has other functionalities.

This tool will enable you to manage marketing more effectively, delivering multi-channel experiences to connect with the customer at the right time and in the right channel. This will increase customer acquisition and sales.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud was developed to boost customer satisfaction. It is equipped with different modules, each with its own licence, so that each company can acquire the ones that best suit its activity.

The aim of this platform is to meet the expectations set by the client through a flexible and practical self-help service. This makes interactions quicker and reduces the volume of work with respect to customer service.

In short, the Service Cloud allows you to resolve cases faster by gaining a global view of customer information, as well as offering attractive communities and portals. You can also provide personalised assistance through any digital channel and boost the productivity of your representatives by implementing chatbots and artificial intelligence solutions.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud is the best tool for e-commerce, allowing you to contact buyers through different digital channels and manage orders.

It is a complete solution that you can manage on a day-to-day basis, growing your business to reach more customers. The idea is to create satisfying purchasing experiences through the unification of high-potential personalised experiences and functions. This solution is valid for B2B and B2C customers.

Salesforce Platform Cloud

Salesforce Platform Cloud will allow you to build, run and manage different applications in the cloud quickly and securely. Its main goal is to enable any user to create applications to connect with their customers through personalised experiences.

And this is all really simple. The platform has very intuitive forms, as well as wizards and tools that work in a very simple way (such as drag and drop).

How to integrate Salesforce clouds?

Do you have any questions regarding any of the Salesforce modules in terms of integration or implementation? Contact us, we'll be happy to help.