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April 26, 2023

We promote technological transformation and innovation in the Spanish port sector

Since 2020, we have made several strategic acquisitions — Deusto Sistemas, NTS, Impala, Opendtrends and Nubersia, among others — which have allowed us to expand our portfolio of services and consolidate our position as one of the main players in the sector.
Technology providers

Technology providers

At SEIDOR, we have established agreements and strengthened our relationship with leading companies such as Salesforce, Google, AWS, Cisco, Lenovo and HPE, among others. We have also strengthened our partnerships with SAP, Microsoft, IBM and Adobe.

Thanks to all of this, we have spent the past two years implementing important projects in the Spanish port environment. Through our sector strategy and our commitment to offer innovative and efficient solutions to our clients, from consultancy projects to providing technological services, including the supply and maintenance of licences and infrastructures, we have successfully developed projects with public entities, such as:

  • The Port Authority of Castellón, to which we have provided consultancy services for the Digital Transformation Master Plan and the Digital Transformation Office. A project we can deliver thanks to our extensive experience in digital transformation.
  • The Port Authority of Avilés, with consultancy projects to spur a digital evolution at the entity.
  • The Port Authority of Barcelona, with which we have collaborated on the technological renewal of the Port Community System (PCS), where we updated the Mainframe and Power IBM environment.
  • The Port Authority of Valencia, where we implemented the cybersecurity incident control service and 24x7 managed security services.
  • The Tarragona Port Authority, with which we worked to renew the licences of Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.
  • The Huelva Port Authority, where we supplied the licences for Microsoft 365 and Azure.

These projects motivate us to continue working with the rest of the port authorities in cities such as: A Coruña, Tenerife, Algeciras, Cartagena, where we can offer customised and effective solutions, with a unique and customised value proposition.

With our transformation and innovation strategy, we help organisations evolve their technology, processes, people and digital business model, enabling them to adopt new technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and AI.

We also transform the customer and employee experience through omnichannel solutions, improving people management and optimising productivity in the workplace.

We also offer comprehensive solutions for business management, thanks to our ERP ecosystem and optimal data collection and analysis (data governance) for better decision-making.

And, finally, as experts in technology, infrastructure, cloud computing and cybersecurity, our proprietary solutions and customised developments, both in more traditional environments and in EDGE, mean that, with SEIDOR, the port sector can safely embrace digital transformation and that the different port authorities can offer their clients and the rest of their ecosystem innovative and effective solutions that improve their performance and efficiency in an increasingly competitive environment, differentiating themselves based on their specific strategic plan.

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