Webinar on demand

How to ensure cybersecurity on corporate devices

- June 06, 2023

We are in the era of the smart workplace, sensors and IoT, a situation which is leading to the disappearance of perimeters within organisations. Today, any endpoint within an organisation (laptops, mobiles, connected devices, etc.) can offer access to corporate resources from anywhere. This means that proper security controls are essential if we do not want our organisation's infrastructure and data to be compromised.

In this webinar we show the importance of basic security controls for any endpoint in the workplace and their place in an in-depth cyber-defence strategy. We also explore different aspects and challenges of cybersecurity through real smart workplace projects.


  1. How to ensure cybersecurity on corporate devices (endpoints).
  2. Identification of risks in endpoints (computers, mobiles, etc.).
  3. Security strategies for smart workplace endpoints.
  4. Real cases: challenges, objectives and benefits.
  5. Conclusions and recommendations.


cara juan hidalgo

Juan Hidalgo

Cybersecurity Business Unit Director

cara fernando urien

Fernando Urien

Digital Workplace Technical Director