Past events

escritorio con hojas y una persona al fondo de espaldas
Teatro Goya - Madrid - March 14, 2023

SAP Business Technology Platform Customer Forum

Accelerating and simplifying your transition to the cloud will help you achieve measurable improvements for your company. Learn about cases of companies like yours - which reinvented their business processes, increased talent retention, improved the customer experience and reduced costs - at the SAP Business Technology Platform.

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El Beatriz Auditorium  - February 16, 2023

SAP Concur Day 2023

We are in a macroeconomic scenario marked by uncertainty and inflation. All these circumstances underscore, now more than ever, the need to transform the processes and departments of organisations to achieve more savings and speed up digitisation, which will provide a unified view of data, thus paving the way for faster and more flexible decision-making.

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February 14, 2023

Training #combattraining SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Join this advanced training event where SEIDOR's expert consultants who have worked on multiple projects explain how to get the most out of your data and increase its potential.