Webinar on demand

Save time and costs on a single platform


- May 19, 2022

- Duration: 60 minutes

Transforming, integrating and analysing all data in one place is possible. Log in to this session to learn how to simplify and streamline data management in your organization, while reducing times and costs.

Facilitate assertive decision-making with Snowflake, a cloud data platform created for:

  • Managing structured, unstructured, large-volume, and multi-source data.
  • Be flexible and enable payment for consumption.
  • Be "All in One," and integrate storage features, Data Science, Data Sharing and much more.
  • Be user-friendly and provide access to all business users.
  • Be secure and simplify management of complex access policies.
  • Optimize time, resources and save costs.

Join this webinar and find out how to show the correct data, at the right time and at the lowest cost with Snowflake.


Jose Barnils

José Barnils

Responsable Comercial. Unidad Data & Analytics en SEIDOR

sergi esteve

Sergi Esteve

Account Executive en Snowflake