We have a vast team of experts in all sectors and solutions adapted to your different realities. Our solutions are tailored to address the challenges faced by each industry, providing specific answers that ensure the competitiveness of companies.


Our specialised teams respond to the specific needs of the agrofood sector, leading the industry into the future.

We resolve the challenges facing the evolution of the food and drink sector, focusing on the needs of the consumer.

We respond to the specific needs of the automotive and aeronautical sectors, driving your business into the future.

Discover how we are transforming and reinventing the Ceramics industry using technology.

We're building the future of the sector through technology.

We resolve the challenges facing the evolution of the food sector with a focus on the consumer.

We promote the education of the future through technology.

We focus on today's challenges to design tomorrow's organisation model.

We help companies in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial machinery and components sector to accelerate their digital transformation process, enabling them to face the new challenges of the sector with a solid technological base.

We create opportunities for construction and property development using technology.

We're forging a solid foundation in the manufacturing industry to meet the present and future challenges of the sector through the power of technology.

The Chemistry of Life: at SEIDOR, we have a team with the knowledge and desire to help you and your business, including basic chemicals, fine chemicals, intermediate chemicals and the purest pharma, always with the passion of sharing the growth of your processes.

We rely on technology to transform business into an omni-channel reality focused on customer experience.

We're driving the transformation of the sector with a focus on accessibility and experience of the digital patient.

We contribute to the transformation and evolution of the public sector thanks to the power of technology and innovation, bringing the future to the general public.

We accelerate the transformation of the transport sector through technology to reach new sustainable limits.