June 19, 2023

40 years of humanising technology

We are still assimilating everything we experienced at Sónar + D. A few months ago we celebrated our 40th anniversary with the more than 8,000 professionals who are part of this company, and this Thursday, our customers and main partners SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Salesforce and Google, ICT directors, media, business schools such as IESE, ESADE UPC, UPV AUTELSI and Cercle Tecnològic, and various authorities joined in. Together, we have all built the company we are today.

To conclude this special celebration, we needed a place. And we found the exact point where Art and Technology meet: the international gathering that unites technology, science and innovation with performance arts, better known as Sónar+D.

Having chosen place, we needed a special guest: Kate Darling, considered the world's leading expert in robot ethics, joined our celebration to talk about the latest social, ethical and legal challenges arising from the growing link between human beings and Artificial Intelligence.

Sónar+D by SEIDOR

In Kate's view, machines are not our enemies; we must see them as our allies, as they help us to improve our capacities as human beings. Their aim is not to replace us, but to complement us and help us evolve.

That is why she sees robots as elements that have gradually been incorporated into the daily life of people, an example of which is the Roomba, or programmable hoover, that helps you clean your home. But so is social robotics, a field in which MIT researcher Kate Darling has spent much time working and researching and in which she has been able to corroborate how humans can establish emotional links with robots and that this reality should not pose a problem because technology used well is the perfect fit for human beings. And to achieve this union, it is very important to understand technology, but, above all, to understand problems.

Sónar+D by SEIDOR

Therefore, SEIDOR must continue working daily to integrate technology with responsibility, making it increasingly accessible to more people and, above all, humanising it.