Seidor Esade - Acuerdo talento

October 06, 2021

ESADE and SEIDOR collaborate to promote talent and equal opportunities

Faithful to their commitment to developing talent and creating opportunities, ESADE and SEIDOR have joined forces to create the Seidor Scholarship, which will fund undergraduate students' studies at the school. This is the first collaboration between ESADE and SEIDOR as donors. It entails over €36,000 for four years that ESADE will apply to its foundation's goals and will be allocated to its Scholarship Programme.

These grants, in addition to covering tuition fees, demonstrate each organisation's commitment to the personal and professional training of the recipients, who will receive guidance and assistance throughout their educational journey.

The scholarships are intended for students with excellent academic records and limited financial resources, and they have the dual objective of promoting classroom diversity and equal opportunities while training the socially responsible leaders of the future. ESADE strengthens its foundation's commitment and its alliances with companies, foundations, institutions and individual donors, thereby fulfilling its steadfast purpose of supporting talent and contributing to the transfer of knowledge for the benefit of society.

Koldo Echebarria, CEO of ESADE states that, "the impact of the pandemic on the slowdown in learning among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds has made it more necessary than ever to engage companies and institutions such as SEIDOR in reducing the educational gap and increasing equal opportunities to help students address all economic, geographical and social difficulties through the opportunity to go to our campus and learn in our classrooms".

Seidor continues to promote actions within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in an effort to support the development of talent in society. According to Josep Benito, CEO of SEIDOR, "We are very pleased to have found ESADE, an ally with whom we can create opportunities for university talent. We are aware of the responsibility we have as an organisation to face the challenges of our society, and we want to take an active role to overcome them. By supporting undergraduate students with limited financial resources and guiding them in their studies, we are able to a guarantee a future asset for society".

Dedication to training and social debate

In their effort to bolster socially relevant training and education, ESADE and SEIDOR have collaborated on "Digitalízate! para impulsar tu negocio" [Get digitized! to promote your business] by Executive Education and actively promote digitisation and competitiveness in SMEs. They have also jointly promoted research into some of the most urgent challenges faced by retailers and the transformations affecting this sector today. The published report, "Los retos del Retail en 2021: Oportunidades para hacer realidad una nueva visión para el sector" [Challenges to retail in 2021: opportunities to turn a new vision for the sector into reality] was presented at the ESADE Retail Forum.

October 01, 2021

SEIDOR creates SEIDOR Academy to train young talent and build loyalty

SEIDOR will provide young talent with highly skilled, paid training in ERP, Customer Experience, cybersecurity, cloud computing and new technologies such as IoT and AI from SAP, Microsoft, IBM and others.