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October 28, 2022

The growth of SEIDOR's public sector division

SEIDOR's public sector division is in full growth, led for the last two years by Joan Ramon Barrera, and has focused entirely on responding to the technological needs of different public organizations and accompanying them in their digitization process.

Awards for SEIDOR in the first half of the year

During the first six months of 2022, investment in Information and Communication Technologies by the Public Administrations reached record figures.

According to the data from the ICT Investment Barometer for the first half of 2022, SEIDOR ranks sixth among the Spanish companies that have been awarded investments by different organizations with some 91 awards and an investment of more than 39 million euros.

The tendered projects are based on five axes. The promotion of digital talent to develop digital skills, followed by tenders to promote productivity, promoting tools that facilitate collaboration and teamwork. Projects are also being financed to improve the relationship between the Administration and citizens, in order to modernize the citizen service portals. And, finally, the other two large ICT items tendered include cybersecurity and health, which is expected to be one of the great beneficiaries of the digital transformation” - Joan Ramon Barrera, public sector director at SEIDOR.

SEIDOR ranks fourth in the top 5 infrastructure projects, with 7 contracts awarded 5.73 million euros, we are third in the top 5 awards in cloud projects, as we have obtained 13.61 million euros to develop and implement 7 projects. In addition, Impala SEIDOR occupies the fourth position in the ranking of the top 5 of the companies awarded contracts for Wi-Fi systems with an investment of 294 thousand euros in three awards.

“The figures for public procurement in the ICT field have increased. An effort by the Public Administration to respond to the more sustainable and "smart" digital challenge, in accordance with the strategic priorities of the EU, such as sustainable energy, digitization, education or the data economy, among others” - Joan Ramon Barrera, public sector director at SEIDOR.

Featured projects

The projects that we have worked on, and continue to do so on a daily basis, from the company are many and very varied.

This October, we have launched a cloud solution developed with Open LMS technology that is being progressively implemented at the National University of Distance Education (UNED), and which will allow active, adaptive and personalized learning for up to 200,000 students in October 2023.

Furthermore, we have collaborated in reducing the digital divide through the distribution of more than 100,000 laptops, thanks to the three contracts awarded to SEIDOR to supply computers to educational centres of the Regional Government of Catalonia. In these last two years we have supplied more than 125,000 laptops.

The keys for success

To achieve this growth of SEIDOR's public sector division, work has been done to personalize value proposals, events have been organized to better understand the needs of our clients and an external communication strategy adapted to this specific target has been developed. All of this in order to share our knowledge with our ecosystem.

At SEIDOR and the public sector division, we have based our operations on the model of alliances, both with other companies and with different institutions, to complement the experience and talent necessary to generate a unique value offer for the public sector.

The human team behind the growth

All this growth has been possible thanks to the constant and daily work of a team made up of more than 35 people. Employees who belong to other divisions of the company, from business, to administration and Marketing. A coordination and teamwork that has fostered the growth of this division.

Currently, the largest area is the commercial one with 28 employees spread across Spain, 3 people on the front desk, several people who carry out administrative support tasks and one person in the marketing department. All of them, together with the more than 7,500 SEIDOR employees, work daily to build a more humane future hand in hand with technology.

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