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December 12, 2022

SEIDOR becomes Google Cloud Premier Partner with a focus on sustainable digitisation

  • SEIDOR becomes Google Cloud's Premier Partner in Spain, a level of partnership that the technology consultancy firm already held in other countries
  • The consultancy firm SEIDOR is now part of a select minority of 3% of Google Cloud's best partners
  • SEIDOR will accelerate its customers' move to the cloud in a sustainable way through solutions that measure the carbon footprint of its services and technological applications.

12 December 2022 - SEIDOR, a technology solutions and services consultant, has become Google's Premier Cloud Partner in Spain, a certification it already held in different countries and with which, from now on, it will belong to a select minority of 3% of Google Cloud's best partners.

Among the technology consultancy's values that Google Cloud has considered key to granting it the Premier Partner certification in Spain are the performance, investment and certifications in Google Cloud that the company already has at a global level, as well as its experience, professionalism and specialisation obtained with more than 8,500 customers worldwide. SEIDOR is a Google Cloud Premier Partner in several countries, including Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

With this new alliance, SEIDOR customers in Spain and Portugal will have access to all Google Cloud solutions and services through the advice of the consultancy firm, which has certified and qualified personnel in the different platform solutions.

In addition, SEIDOR will now be able to drive sustainability in its customers' digital transformation processes. Specifically, the consultancy firm will accelerate its clients' move to the cloud in a more secure, agile and sustainable way through specific solutions that measure the carbon footprint of all their services and technological applications.

According to Eduard Bonet, Director of Cloud Services at SEIDOR, ''the world is now multi-cloud and SEIDOR continues to incorporate solutions based on Cloud technologies". "With this alliance, SEIDOR will continue to support the multi-cloud objectives of its customers in Google Cloud, from infrastructure-as-a-service solutions which offer customers fast solutions, to high value-added solutions such as Google BigQuery or Google Cloud's Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning capabilities'', added the head of the partnership at the consultancy firm.

The differential value of a specialised team

SEIDOR is working with a team specialised in various certifications, giving it unique expertise in different areas and adding new training to reinforce the breadth of the portfolio of solutions available to its customers.

SEIDOR will focus on gaining capabilities in the development of customised solutions on Google Cloud, including conversions to SAP S/4HANA. SEIDOR is also working with a team of experts in analytics tools to enable its customers to make the most of their data to improve decision making.

Sustainability as a priority

With a new cloud computing region in Spain, Google Cloud has better connectivity and complete data sovereignty, allowing companies or users of the solutions to restrict the use of their information by third parties.

SEIDOR has made a commitment to sustainability and its strategy revolves around this global need. In this regard, Iván González, corporate director of marketing, communication and sustainability at SEIDOR, pointed out that "one of the outstanding values of this alliance with Google Cloud is that it is consistent with SEIDOR's strategic objectives for sustainability."

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