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Property Development

We create opportunities for construction and property development using technology


Property Development

We create opportunities for construction and property development using technology

While the Property Development Industry is moving towards an era of greater complexity in projects and processes, monitoring and control capabilities ensure the viability of developments from the outset and avoid risks that threaten business continuity.

At SEIDOR we put technology within the reach of professionals so that they can focus their efforts on tasks that bring greater value, ensuring comprehensive management of property projects to connect all the areas of the company concerned, from the preliminary study before launching the promotion to execution, while managing sales and/or rentals of available properties. Guaranteeing control and monitoring of the online property project, key elements for the promoter of the present and the future.

Challenges of the sector


Greater complexity of projects using a workforce with less experience


Increase the Productivity of the Workforce


Integration and Collaboration with subcontractors


Industrialization of the development

Nuevas Tecnologías

Adoption of BIM methodologies




Augmented Reality and New Tech for new customer experiences


Our specialised solutions for property development





Sales and rentals


Drag and drop

Property projects

Generation and management of the different types of property, as well as control of availability.
Generation of economically valued properties.
Search for properties depending on different characteristics.
Access to the property file.


Management of key handover with registration of incidents and sale of properties.
Sales monitor with management and control of the property's status.
Integration between finance and commercial areas.
Delivery planning management.
Property review control.
Management of incidents due to defects.

Property management

Management of the project portfolio using study sheets to assess their viability.
Simple study management using simple configurable files.
Temporary and economic analysis, approval process and conversion into firm projects.
Integration with the commercial process.

Property sales and rentals

Option of customising properties based on the customer's needs.
Addition and management of materials selected by the customers.
Management and implementation of renovations.
Control of deadlines during customer selection of options and renovations.
Control and monitoring of the customisations implemented in each property.
Printing of assessed budgets.

After-sale management

After-sale incident management in properties.
After-sale incident management with incident entry monitor.
Management of notices and printing of work reports for industrialists.
Customer satisfaction assessment.



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