SEIDOR Forest Project


SEIDOR Forest Project

In an initiative that promotes sustainability with our customers, we have established an agreement whereby SEIDOR undertakes to plant a tree for each new contract we sign, thus advancing our carbon footprint offsetting and raising awareness in our sector.


Pharma Industry

Neutralise the carbon footprint

Thanks to the reforestation of this area, we offset the carbon footprint we generate through our activities.


Raise awareness

By involving other actors in the sector, our mission is to raise awareness of the planet's need in the face of the climate emergency.


Create synergies

With projects like this we seek to encourage collaboration and the co-creation of ideas to generate a positive footprint on the environment among everyone.

The Seidor Forest


Cebreros and Hoyo de Pinares (Ávila)

Objective: reforestation of burnt territory

Area: 279.83 ha

Trees: +1,000

Planted species

Pinus pinea, Juniperus oxycedrus. Arbutus unedo, Quercus suber, Prunus dulcis, Crateagus monogyna

Environmental Benefit

Reforestation of burnt territory.
Recovery of degraded land to create new forest cover.
Protection of habitat, soil, landscape and biodiversity.

Socio-economic Benefit

Contribution to rural development.
Promoting employment in the local environment.
Creating partnerships to achieve environmental objectives.