CAT112 | AI

Thanks to the prediction and sizing system, CAT112 manages to optimize human resources in ITs centers.

CAT112, the Emergency Call Handling and Management Center for 112 Catalonia, faced challenges in optimizing its human resources due to limitations of an Excel-based sizing system. To overcome this issue, they developed a customized web solution that incorporates simulation and automatic predictive models.

As a value proposition, we developed a customized sizing and call prediction solution for CAT112, using C++ and R, along with interactive web applications using the Shiny framework. This centralized platform not only allowed real-time adjustments but also facilitated concurrent sharing of results and integration with reporting, thus optimizing resource allocation in call centers and improving operational efficiency in threat or emergency situations.

Victor Pastor

Victor Pastor

Lead Data Scientist en SEIDOR

"From the Data & Analytics unit of SEIDOR, we worked from the very beginning on this collaboration to update the CAT112 service with the most cutting-edge advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies. Once the project was implemented, and thanks to the solution developed by SEIDOR, CAT112 is able to reduce the response time to calls and continue providing the best possible service to the public."

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