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Dionisio Cáceres e Hijos reinforces its Human Resources Department with Factorial

Dionisio Cáceres e Hijos is a family company founded in 1961 that specialises in wood carpentry for the construction sector. Based in Seville, the company has a staff of 70 employees and facilities that include a factory, a varnishing workshop and a warehouse.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • The company faced challenges related to human resources management, since it relied on a manual system based on spreadsheets. This manual approach took up a considerable part of its daily tasks and resulted in duplicate information, potential errors and inefficient data administration.

Why Factorial? Why SEIDOR?

  • Factorial is a Human Resources solution that simplifies, optimises and automates processes in this vital area. Factorial offers a set of unified, practical and efficient processes for managing employees easily from a single platform. This translates into substantial time and cost savings. As for SEIDOR, it is a leading company in technology solutions for companies, with extensive experience in the sector which allows it to tailor these solutions to the specific needs of each business.

After: Advantages

  • After implementing Factorial, the company now has an overview of its Human Resources processes and has easily centralised all the information on a single platform. It also enhanced communications and cohesion between teams, improving aspects such as time tracking and performance monitoring. The simplification and automation of tasks have saved 65 to 70 hours of work a month.

Dionisio Cáceres
Dionisio Cáceres e Hijos
Pedro Cáceres

Pedro Cáceres

Production Manager at Dionisio Cáceres e Hijos ​

"We are very satisfied with the implementation of Factorial in Dionisio Cáceres e Hijos. Since we already had databases in SAP, the implementation was quick and painless. It is allowing us to improve our HR processes, where it has already resulted in significant time savings. We have also provided our team with a platform with great potential for internal management and communication".​

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