Grupo Osborne | SAP Commerce Cloud

Grupo Osborne is a 100% family-owned company, producer, distributor and marketer of premium food and beverage products, specifically in the field of Iberian cured meats, spirits and wines.

In recent years, the Osborne Group has been immersed in a profound transformation aimed at leveraging the legacy of the company's 250-year history to plan and build for future growth in a dynamic and challenging market context.

The ReBorne project, a transformation "project of projects", comprises initiatives of different types: business, culture, organizational structure, human resources, etc., some of which have already been implemented and others are being launched in stages in accordance with the company's Strategic Plan and Vision, and always in agreement with its investors.

Since the end of 2020 Osborne has been defining a new technological roadmap to support current processes and those that will be needed in the future, clearly contributing to the development of the business in the coming years.

One of the key initiatives derived from the definition of the systems map is the implementation of a new e-Commerce platform that supports and contributes through advanced functions to the increase in direct-to-consumer (B2C) sales, while integrating the three stores that Osborne currently has into a single platform, and in the medium and long term will also become the platform that supports the group's future B2B model.

Following an evaluation of the digital ecosystem, Osborne has decided to implement a new e-Commerce platform, SAP e-Commerce Cloud. The new platform integrates in a single solution the management of all channels and the customer base, to improve the shopping experience and facilitate internal management.

Felisa Parrilla

Felisa Parrilla

CIO of Grupo Osborne

"As the most immediate benefit, it has been the elimination of many manual tasks and operational inefficiencies we had in executing logistics and getting the product physically to our customers once they had made the purchase."

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