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Grupo SM is a leading educational publisher in the Spanish-speaking world. This institution provides educational, cultural and training services for children, young people, teachers, families and institutions. Grupo SM is an international company with offices in 20 countries and some 2000 employees.

Grupo SM entrusted SEIDOR to implement SAP SuccessFactors and boost its people and talent management by ensuring greater consistency, robustness and flexibility for its internal processes. The company improved all its human resources processes with a positive impact on the entire organisation's operations.

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Grupo SM
Carles Suero

Carles Suero

Corporate Director of Education at Grupo SM

"We worked with SEIDOR for the implementation. Just as we talked about robustness in the system, in terms of the criteria for choosing a partner (in this case, SEIDOR), I would emphasise solvency and experience. We believe that flexibility is very important. When a partner works with a complex company, the flexibility to understand its processes, dynamics, habits, and culture is extremely important to us, and all these elements were present in this case".

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